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How Well Do You Know: Bridget Jones's Diary
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Bridget Jones's Diary quiz

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1. Bridget Jones is a modern-day adaptation of what literary character?
Eleanor Dashwood
Elizabeth Bennett
Fanny Price
2. How old is Bridget at the start of the movie?
3. What event starts the movie?
Mrs Jones's turkey curry buffet
The Darcy's anniversary party
New Years Day celebration
Bridget's birthday
4. How did Bridget and Mark Darcy first meet?
They were childhood sweethearts
Bridget swam naked in Mark's paddling pool as a child
They went to the same boarding school
Bridget had never met Mark before the turkey curry buffet
5. Mark's mother has impeccable taste in gifts. Which one of her gifts is Mark wearing at the buffet?
Santa Claus belt buckle
Christmas tree tie
Snowman cufflinks
Reindeer sweater
6. Mark tells his mother he is not interested in Bridget, citing all reasons but what?
She drinks like a fish
She swears like a truck driver
She smokes like a chimney
She dresses like her mother
7. Bridget vows not to form romantic attachments to all of the following, except:
Peeping toms
8. Bridget's main romantic obstacle seems to be not falling for the v. sexy Daniel Cleaver, Bridget's:
Best friend's boyfriend
Best friend
9. Mr. Fitzherbert, another office employee, thinks Bridget's name is:
10. Daniel catches Bridget talking to her friend on the phone, rather than working. Silly Bridget pretends she is talking business with literary critic F.R. Leavis. Daniel was not fooled however, because:
F.R. Leavis died in 1978
F.R. Leavis was sitting in Daniel's office
His name was F.R. Lewis
F.R. Leavis is a movie critic, not a literary critic
11. Daniel alerts Bridget to a serious problem. It relates to her:
Job performance
12. Bridget and Daniel work for what company?
Pemberley Press
Pendant Publishing
Dunder Mifflin
Sterling Cooper
13. Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver have met previously. How did they know each other?
They were lovers in college before Daniel switched teams
They were college friends before Daniel slept with Mark's wife
Daniel was a former client of Mark's
Mark had written a non-fiction work that was published by Daniel's company
14. Mrs. Jones is selling a product in a department store when she meets Bridget to inform her she has left Bridget's father for a v. orange man named Julian. What product is she selling?
Sensational Skin Face Cream
Fast Track Weight Loss Aid
Wisecrack Egg Peeler
Exer-size Scale
15. Why does Bridget think Daniel is committed to her?
He takes her away for a mini-break holiday
He asks her to move in
He gives her a key to his flat
He introduces her to his mother
16. The only other guests at the rockery not there because of a wedding are:
Mark and Natasha
Una and Geoffrey
Jude and Vile Richard
Magda and Jeremy
17. The thespian playing which of Bridget's 30-something friends later showed up as a teenage fixture at Hogwarts?
None of the above - a 30-something cast a teenager could never happen in Hollywood!
18. Bridget's friend Tom is often recognized by the public because many years ago he:
Starred in a porno
Sang a hit song
Dated a famous Hollywood actor
Wrote an award-winning novel
19. How does Bridget figure out there is another woman in Daniel's house?
She finds her makeup in the bathroom
She sees her sweater on Daniel's coat-rack
She finds birth control on Daniel's nightstand
She doesn't - Daniel comes clean first
20. Poor Bridget has a mishap during her first assignment at Stand Up Britain. What is it?
She slides down a fireman's pole, landing on the camera
She trips and falls into a pig pen
She calls the man she is interviewing "Daniel"
She starts to cry on camera while trying to interview Daniel's new fiancee
21. Bridget's 33rd birthday includes all but what event?
A dinner party
A street fight
An exclusive interview for Stand Up Britain
A birthday snog
22. Culinary genius Bridget's birthday celebration dinner includes all but what?
Lumpy pudding
Blue soup
23. Where does Bridget tell Mark she has feelings for him?
His parents' Ruby Anniversary party
Her mother's latest turkey curry buffet
Her house during the dinner party
A convenience store on Christmas Eve
24. Mark's new job will bring him to:
Los Angeles
New York City
25. Bridget's friends try to get her mind off of Mark by taking her away to celebrate the New Year in:
26. Mark surprises Bridget by showing up at her flat and telling her he forgot something. What did he forget?
To kiss her good-bye
His wallet - it had been there since her birthday dinner
To give her a Christmas present
His reindeer jumper
27. Mark finds Bridget's diary while in her apartment, waiting for her to change into some very tiny knickers. What does he do after reading some particularly nasty excerpts about him?
Dumps her and leaves her broken-hearted
Reads her some excerpts from HIS diary/journal
Buys her a new diary
Kisses her

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