How Well Do You Know: The DUFF
A The DUFF Trivia Quiz
By Kelly Metz
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The DUFF Trivia Quiz

High school senior Bianca Piper (Mae Whitman) has a small group of close friends, but is not exactly popular. In fact, she's pretty much overlooked by everyone around her. After finding out that she's known to be the DUFF of her circle of friends - the "designated ugly fat friend" whom others use to gain access to her more popular friends - Bianca enlists help in getting rid of this humiliating title. While trying to become more "dateable", she discovers that being a DUFF might not be so bad after all. I'm sure you already knew that the term is "duckface", not "duckhead", but how well do you know The DUFF?

The difficulty level of How Well Do You Know: The DUFF is rated:
1 If you don't get at least half right, feel free to punch yourself in the face for us.
2 Relax and act natural, you should do fine.
3 Fanboy/fangirl obsession over the source material doesn't hurt here.
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Cast: Mae Whitman, Robbie Amell, Skyler Samuels, Bianca Santos, Nick Eversman, Allison Janney
Director: Ari Sandel

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