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How Well Do You Know: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
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1. What is the number one problem of our community today?
Loose shoe laces
Pancake syrup distribution
Pencil eraser breakage
Sardine flavor
2. How does Flint, our hero, combat this loose shoelaces epidemic?
Bare Feet all the time!
Solid Sandals
Spray-On Sandals
By way of explanation.....
Spray-On Sandals are Phil Knight's worst (k)nightmare.
3. A huge problem in Flint's relationship with his dad is that Flint...
can't swim
doesn't like the taste of fish
doesn't laugh at his dad's fishing jokes
doesn't understand fishing metaphors
4. Other than the spray-on shoes that will not come off, which of these is not another Flint invention that worked improperly?
Flying Car
Hair Un-Balder
Mega-Bait for Sardines
5. What is the town of Swallow Falls famous for?
The Falls. Duh.
Lack of gag reflex
6. What does Flint receive for his birthday?
Lab coat
Monkey butler
Weather balloon
7. How does Flint communicate with his monkey?
Lots and lots of yelling
Monkey Thought translator
Remote control
Sign language
By way of explanation.....
I wish *I* had a monkey thought translator.
8. What do people call the grown man in the diaper?
Baby Brent
The Mayor
By way of explanation.....
Answer four goes without saying.
9. What is the name of the new attraction in town?
Sardine Land
By way of explanation.....
All of these are better ideas than Euro-Disney
10. What is the occupation of perky intern Samantha Sparks?
Cannery supervisor
News anchor
11. What does Flint's latest invention do too well?
Mutates sardines into desserts
Mutates water into food
Turns bait into people food
Turns people into food
By way of explanation.....
Option #4 would make for a much darker movie.
12. What does Flint call the device that changes the town forever?
Foodbot 9000
Meatball Mabel
The Weather Channeler
By way of explanation.....
In case you were wondering, that stands for Flint Lockwood's Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator.
13. Swallow Falls' town name is changed to...
All Swallows
Chewand Swallow
Don't Forget to Swallow
14. We don't mean to be superficial, but it's hard not to notice that one of the characters puts on a LOT of weight during the movie. Whose gastronomic rapacity knows no satiety?
Baby Brent
Flint's Dad
The Mayor
By way of explanation.....
Bruce Campbell really let himself go during the movie.
15. Officer Earl Devereaux wants to do something special for his beloved son, Calvin, on the boy's birthday. Which food is chosen for this event?
Ice cream
Mac and cheese
Brussel Sprouts (that kid is weird)
By way of explanation.....
No kid in the world has ever liked brussel sprouts. Also, an ice cream town is an idea whose time has come.
16. Flint knows how to impress the ladies. What does he build for Samantha Sparks?
Gravy Waterslide
Jello Castle
Ravioli Roller Coaster
Taco Tiki Hut
By way of explanation.....
I don't know if a taco tiki hut exists but now I want one.
17. What makes the new and improved Flying Car 2 new and improved?
Fuzzy Dice
Working Engine
By way of explanation.....
In hindsight, Flying Car 1's lack of wings seems like an obvious design flaw.
18. The worst kind of tornado is a...
Cracker Tornado
Gumball Tornado
Sardine Tornado
Spaghetti Tornado
By way of explanation.....
Do insurance companies cover sauce damage?
19. Manny the Cameraman has quite the impressive resume. He has been all of these except...
Particle Physicist
By way of explanation.....
His being a particle phyisicist is a joke he tells because he is a comedian.
20. One of the characters in the movie becomes some sort of scientific abomination, half-human and half-chicken. Who is this horrific chicken man?
Baby Brent
The Cameraman
The Mayor
Colonel Sanders
By way of explanation.....
The only thing worse than a grown man in a diaper is a grown man in a diaper in a chicken body.
21. Which food item triggers an allergic reaction for Sam Sparks?
Peanut Brittle
22. Everyone's favorite monkey, Steve, changes into a ninja warrior and thereby saves the Flying Car 2 from destruction. What enemy does he savagely beat (and eat).
Alphabet soup letters
Baby Chicken Brent
Gingerbread men
Gummi Bears
By way of explanation.....
Arguably the funniest moment in the movie is when Steve rips out the gummi heart of an enemy.
23. Flint's dad is something of a technophobe. What device does he struggle to master as the science lab loses structural integrity?
Cell phone
Computer monitor
Computer mouse
USB Flash Drive
By way of explanation.....
I used to teach a computer class to older people. You would be stunned how many of them pick up the mouse and place it where they want the pointer to go.
24. Which of Flint's inventions does he use to stop the FLDSMDFR once and for all?
Hair Un-Balder
Sardine Megabait
Spray-On Shoes
TV with legs
By way of explanation.....
Flint plugs the hole, so to speak. (Don't make it dirty. This is a children's film.)
25. Who saves Flint from certain death when the machine explodes?
Baby Brent
The Mayor
Sam Sparks
An unholy rat-bird army
By way of explanation.....
Yes, rat-birds. As nice as Flint is, he still qualifies for Mad Scientist status.

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