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How Well Do You Know: The Fantastic Mr. Fox
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1. If you don't get this question right, I will cussing kill you. This movie was based on a children's book, written by an author in which Wes Anderson draws so much literary inspiration from in his characters. Who is that author?
Ernest Hemingway
Beatrix Potter
Roald Dahl
Gertrude Chandler Warner
2. If you don't have the Criterion Collection version, you probably might not know this one. Whose hand is holding the book for the film during the title sequence?
Frank Bean
Walt Boggis
Nate Bunce
Petey the banjo player
3. In the beginning of the film, Mr. and Mrs. Fox decide to take the scenic route to steal some birds. It's actually slightly quicker, anyway. What is the name of the place they steal from?
Berk's Squab Farm
Smith's Grouse Pen
Sherbert's Duck Pond
Holster's Quail-Hunting Establishment
4. Mrs. Fox announces that she's pregnant. She and Mr. Fox make an agreement to find another line of work. Ultimately, twelve fox-years later, he does find a job, as a:
Retailer for Pine Furniture
Newspaper Columnist for the Gazette
Real Estate Agent
Writer of Self-help Guidebooks for Hunting Squab
5. You may recognize many of the Wes Anderson cast members such as Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and many others doing voices. But you also notice that some of the production crew do some of the voices, too. Which is NOT one of the voices?
Wes Anderson
Jeremy Dawson
Steven M. Rales
Noah Baumbach
By way of explanation.....
Wes Anderson voices Stan Weasel, Steven M. Rales voices Mr. Beaver, and Jeremy Dawson voices Mr. Beaver's son.
6. You may also notice that each character has his/her own character quirk. Find the quirk that DOESN'T match with the character.
Mrs. Fox paints pictures of thunder storms
Kristofferson does yoga
Kylie has a fear of thunder
Ash eats a different species of fish for every meal
7. Mr. Badger warns Mr. Fox to not purchase the new home that is next to the three farmers. What is not part of the description of these farmers?
Boggis weighs about the same as a baby rhinoceros
Bean invented his own species of turkey
Bunce eats two kinds of goose pate each meal
Bean is the scariest man currently living
8. Alright, I'll stop with those kind of questions. Instead, let's move on to Mr. Fox's first plan. He starts with Boggis's farm, which is guarded by a few old beagles and a low stone wall. What is the word about beagles?
Never look at a beagle directly in the eye
Never eat meat before stealing the geese
Always stroke the beagle's back toward the tail
Beagles have sensitive ears
9. Why not? Beagles aren't so tough.
Beagles can't see red secondary colors
Mr. Fox and Kylie stick out with their poor disguises
One of the beagles has chronic rabies
Just don't do it, okay!!
10. Skipping the second plan, we head over to the third plan, Who does Mr. Fox take with him and Kylie to steal Mr. Bean's apple cider?
Mrs. Fox
No one, it's just him and Kylie
11. The three farmers conjure up a plan to capture Mr. Fox. They setup to camp out in the woods, wait for him to come at night, and shoot the cuss to smithereens. What happens during the shooting?
Mr. Bean shoots his own eye out
Boggis shoots Kylie instead
Bunce gets half of his body caught in a bear trap
Mr. Fox loses his tail
12. This one's for the hardcore fans. The farmers place dynamite around Mr. Fox's home while the animals dig their way to underground. The name of the dynamite is "Klubeck," after Wes Anderson's talent agent, Richard Klubeck. Which other Wes Anderson film is Klubeck's name mentioned and where?
Rushmore; Max Fischer's home's street name
The Grand Budapest Hotel; form of currency
Moonrise Kingdom; one of Suzy's book's authors
The Royal Tennenbaums; Margot's real last name
13. The animals have dug deeper under the ground and have taken everything from all the farmers. They have proven their victory, so they throw a potluck/ banquet with the farmer's supplies. What ruins the celebration?
An earthquake
Ants come in and eat all the food
Bean's fire hose containing poisonous gas
A fire hose containing Bean's cider
14. Finish Mr. Fox's toast. "I guess we do have these ugly farmers to thank for one thing. Reminding us to ...."
... Look back at the old days as wild animals.
... Be thankful and aware of each other.
... Be who were are and accepting who were are.
... Have courage and security.
15. Ash and Kristofferson sneak into Bean's kitchen to steal back Mr. Fox's tail. What do they come across?
A set of mouse traps littered on the floor
Poisoned gas coming through the ventilation unit
A plate of apple ginger snap cookies
One of those traditional set of laser security systems
16. If you recall seeing where Mr. Fox's tail is located, you probably have seen it on your downloaded file of the movie on your computer screen so you can "ace" this quiz. So, where is Mr. Fox's tail?
Bean is using the tail as a sleeping blindfold
Bean is using it as a necktie
Bean fed it to one of Boggis's beagles
Bunce wiped his nose with it and discarded it in the bin
17. "You still think we beat them, Foxy?" Mr. Fox decides to contemplate suicide after finding no way to escape the sewer. What does he do to commit suicide?
By drowning in sewer water
By handing himself over to the humans outside
By going back to the remains of the home starving
By having Mr. Badger eat him (Childhood ruined)
18. So, Mr. Fox overhears that the rest of the animals are in danger and he comes back to fight Bean's Rat. How does The Rat die?
Mr. Fox accidentally chokes on him.
Rat falls into the black through a convenient pipe
Kylie throws one of his minnows and Rat chokes
Rat electrocutes himself during the fight
19. Finish Mr. Fox's lament: "Redemption sure. But in the end, he's just another dead rat in a _____________."
Garbage pail behind a Chinese restaurant.
Rotten sewer next to a French cafe.
Basement in a Best Buy in Croydon.
Dumpster nearby a Indian convenient store.
20. Mr. Fox cancels his suicide mission and instead plans a rescue mission to save Kristofferson, who's locked up in Bean's annex. Fox gives all the animals their Latin names and their occupations. Which one does NOT match with their occupation?
Talpa Europaea -- See in the dark
Meles Meles -- Demolition's expert
Castor Fiber -- Chew through wood
Microtus Pennsylvanicus -- Crawl through tiny holes
21. While we're on the subject of demolition, what are Badger's explosives mainly made from?
Sewer garbage
Discarded food from the party
Pine cones
The animal's clothes
22. At the Annex, Mr. Fox, Ash and Kylie meet the rabid beagle. What does Kylie forget to bring for this encounter? Hint: He has it written on his hand.
His Titanium card
A Squeaky toy
A tranquilizer blueberry
Medication for the beagle
23. During the climax, Ash proves himself to be "an athlete" as he breaks open the door letting loose the rabid beagle. The beagle runs after Bean and grabs the necktie from him. What does it do with the tie/tail.
It retrieves the tail back to Mr. Fox.
It eats the tail.
It buries the tail next to Mr. Fox's tree.
It tears the tail apart with its mouth.
24. Now that the farmers are defeated, the animals make a new life in the sewers. However, Mr. Fox finds some food and supplies in a place above. Where do he and the animals end up?
A closed supermarket
An even bigger tree than the last one
A Chinese restaurant
A meat freezer
25. "Let her dance with him, Let her dance all night long!" We're almost finished with the quiz. One last question. Fantastic Mr. Fox seemed to get attention from The Oscars. How many awards did it win?
None, not a single cussing nomination
None, but it was nominated for Best Animated Feature
None, but it was nominated for its Score
B and C

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