How Well Do You Know: Coraline
A Coraline Trivia Quiz
By Tony Kollath
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Coraline Trivia Quiz

Artistically gorgeous, mildly horrific, Henry Selick's screen adaptation of the Neil Gaiman book Coraline was one of 2009's cinematic gems. Coraline Jones is bored and overlooked until she stumbles into a world that is not nearly as wonderful as it seems. You may think that everyone would be better suited with buttons for eyes, but how well do you know Coraline?

The difficulty level of How Well Do You Know: Coraline is rated:
1 If you don't get at least half right, feel free to punch yourself in the face for us.
2 Relax and act natural, you should do fine.
3 Fanboy/fangirl obsession over the source material doesn't hurt here.
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Cast: Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, Keith David, John Hodgman, Robert Bailey Jr., Ian McShane
Director: Henry Selick

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