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How Well Do You Know: Eat Pray Love
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1. The film opens with author Liz Gilbert visiting a medicine man in Bali. He tells Liz, while reading her palms, that all but what will happen?
she will have 2 marriages - one long, one short
she will lose someone close to her
she will return to Bali and teach him English
she will lose all her money
2. Liz's friend Delia tells her about the "baby box", a box she has been filling with baby-related items until her husband was ready to be a father. Liz says she has a similar box at her house, but it's filled with:
wedding magazines and a veil
frequent flier miles and a Diners card
National Geographics and newspaper travel sections
house blueprints
3. Liz's husband: "I don't want to go to Aruba." Liz: ________________
"I don't want to be married."
"I don't want a baby."
"I don't want you to go to Aruba."
"I don't know what I want."
4. After separating from her husband Stephen, Liz becomes involved with David, _______________.
the best man at her wedding
her therapist
the realtor who sold Liz and her soon-to-be-ex their house
an actor in a play based on material she wrote
5. Well, Liz does wind up losing all her money - how?
she offers it to her ex-husband in the divorce settlement
she donates it all to Habitat for Humanity
she is unknowingly a part of a Ponzi scheme
her house is robbed and her money and valuables are all stolen
6. While in Italy, Liz is taught the importance of:
being polite
"speaking" with hand gestures
flirting with the locals
staying fit and active
7. After her trip to Italy, Liz travels to India, where she promptly:
falls asleep during meditation
offends her roommate
goes into her room and has a good cry
meets an attractive man - who has taken a vow of silence
8. Liz meets Richard from Texas, who gives Liz a nickname she doesn't really appreciate - what is it?
9. Liz thinks that Richard from Texas looks like a certain singer - who?
Bruce Springsteen
James Taylor
10. After attending a friend's arranged marriage in India, Richard opens his heart to Liz, telling her a story about:
the long, horrible illness and death of his wife
almost running over his son in the driveway while driving under the influence
his addiction to painkillers and his wife's refusal to live with an addict
his futile lifelong search for someone to share his life with
11. Shortly after attempting a vow of silence, Liz is asked to be a key hostess in a retreat that will be occurring on site. The hostess, who needs to be bubbly and cheerful at all times, gets the nickname ____________.
Little Miss Sunshine
Cheerful Charlotte
Little Suzy Cream Cheese
Happy Go Lucky Lady
12. Shortly before leaving the ashram, Liz encounters:
a rogue elephant that had escaped from a local carnival
her ex-husband, who has tracked her down and wants to talk to her about reconciling
her magazine editor, who gives her an itinerary and a plane ticket to her next location
the entire village, who has come to wish her a fond farewell
13. Next, it's on to Bali, were Liz encounters the medicine man she met previously. Although not looking for a man, she inadvertently meets one when:
she breaks her arm and is need of a doctor
she can't understand what a local inhabitant is saying and a native man offers to translate
she is riding a bike and the driver of a car runs her off the road
she asks for opinions on local cuisine
14. While getting her wound checked out, the healer says she can tell Liz has not had sex in quite some time, after feeling Liz's -
15. Liz winds up sitting next to Felipe, the man that ran her off the road, while at an event. He says something to Liz, to which she responds, "you really shouldn't say things like that out loud." What does he admit to?
taking ballroom dancing lessons
knitting in his free time
loving bubble baths and scented candles
liking Phil Collins and Air Supply
16. Felipe's line of business is:
jewelry importing/exporting
magazine publishing
17. Liz and Felipe enjoy a visit from Felipe's son, who is visiting from:
the United States
18. For her birthday, Liz sends an email to her friends, asking them for:
lavish gifts so she can remember how loved she is
photographs of themselves so she can have them "close to her" at all times
donations so her healer friend can buy a house
startup money to start her own business
19. Liz ends things with Felipe after an argument stemming from - what?
his marriage proposal
his trying to take her to a deserted island for a getaway
her decision to leave Bali earlier than originally planned
his unhappiness with her contact with her ex-husband
20. Before leaving Bali, Liz decides to take a leap of faith and reconcile with Felipe/have a life in both Bali and America after a conversation with:
Stephen, her ex-husband
Sofi and Giovanni, her friends from Italy
her ex-boyfriend David
Ketut the medicine man

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