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How Well Do You Know: Charlie St. Cloud
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1. The opening frames of the film chronicle Charlie's success as a sailor. What is the name of his boat?
Northern Lights
Heart of the Sea
Dashing Sam
Splendid Splinter
2. As he graduates high school, Charlie is bound for college at which prestigious university?
3. Aside from sailing, Charlie and Sam partake in this athletic endeavor (seriously, if you miss this question, this quiz probably isn't for you....):
Kicking a soccer ball
Throwing a frisbee
Pitching horseshoes
Playing catch with a baseball
4. Charlie and Sam are involved in a horrific accident on their way to:
A party
A sailing race
His high school graduation
Sam's class play
5. At the funeral, Charlie was supposed to drop this into Sam's grave, but refused to do so:
Baseball glove
Baseball uniform
Baseball hat
Baseball cleats
6. Throughout the film, we see Sam wearing a jacket of this color:
7. Having put off his plans to go to college, Charlie works in:
A garage
A movie theater
A cemetery
A fast food restaurant
8. This type of animal complicates Charlie's work life:
9. Charlie first meets Tess in the movie when she complains about __________ in the cemetery:
10. We see Charlie interacting with a deceased friend who was a:
Police man
11. What signals the time of day when Charlie is supposed to meet Sam for practice?
A foghorn
A church bell
Wind chimes
12. Charlie meets a man named Florio Ferrente. Though Charlie doesn't recognize Ferrente, the man is important to Charlie's past, because he is:
Charlie's birth father
Sam's baseball coach
The paramedic who revived Charlie
Charlie first grade teacher
13. The sails on Tess's boat prominently feature these two letters:
14. After the storm that is pivotal to the movie, Charlie meets Tess:
In his house
In the cemetery
In the high school gym
On the waterfront
15. Why do we not see Charlie's mother after the funeral?
She moved away
She died soon after the funeral
She was actually dead long before the action in the movie takes place
She and Charlie still live close to each other, but had a major falling out
16. Charlie finds a note left on a door by Tess, the meaning of which changes after Charlie realizes that Tess is missing:
Rescue me
Come find me
Help me
Save me
17. By way of an announcement, Charlie learns that Tess has been missing for:
Seven days
One day
Three days
Nine days
18. Tess, or rather her spirit, realizes that something is wrong with her as she walks around town and:
Sees she has no reflection
Sees she has no shadow
People walk right through her
She passes completely through a mailbox
19. When Charlie sees Tess again after he realizes she is missing, this injury, which Charlie had tended to, reappears on Tess:
A black eye
A broken finger
A bad bruise on her arm
Bleeding from her forehead
20. Florio's widow comes to Charlie's house to give Charlie a medallion after Florio dies. Who or what is on the medallion?
St. Jude
A St. Bernard
A sailboat
21. With Charlie out searching for Tess, Sam realizes his brother will not keep their appointment. Sam moves on from this plane of existence while experiencing:
Anger at Charlie for missing their time together
Happy memories
22. Charlie finds Tess:
Trapped in her submerged boat
Lying unconscious on the rocks
Pinned underneath a felled tree
Onboard the beached boat
23. What is key to Charlie convincing Tess that they had "contact" during the time that she was lost at sea?
A song
A poem
A medallion
A key
24. During his final trip into the woods in the film, Charlie:
Plays catch with Sam
Talks with Sam
Doesn't see a sign of Sam
Sees but can't hear Sam
25. The film is an adaptation of a book by Ben Sherwood. What is the name of the novel?
The Magnificent Charlie St. Cloud
The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud
The Curious Experiences of Charlie St. Cloud
The Life and Death of Charlie St. Cloud

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