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How Well Do You Know: Beautiful Creatures
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1. If you paid attention, you'll be able to identify the southern US state in which the film takes place:
South Carolina
2. When the film starts, Ethan is describing:
Being bored in school
A recurring dream
A painting he once saw in a museum
How his parents died
3. Right after he sees Lean Duchannes for the first time, Ethan's teacher tells the class they will be expected to take part in the reenactment of the Battle of:
Port Royal
Honey Hill
Simmon's Bluff
Sugar Falls
4. Ethan spoils for Lena the ending for this well-known movie:
Star Wars
Pretty Woman
5. In an English class, as girls begin praying aloud, we get the first glimpse of Lena's abilities when:
The teacher's desk splits in two
Windows explode
The clock turns backwards
Ceiling lights fall
6. Ethan visits the Ravenwood estate. On the impressive front doors are carved this animal:
7. Ethan attempts to give Lena a "Welcome to Suckass Gatlin" gift. It's a/n:
Origami animal
8. An enchanted Ethan forecasts his entire future as Macon Ravenwood is:
Making tea
Assembling furniture
Charting on a map
Playing piano
9. In the locket Ethan gives Lena is inscribed a date - Lena states that it's also her birthday. So, what is the date?
November 13
December 21
November 30
December 5
10. Ethan: "Are you a witch?"

Lena: "We prefer the term ______"
11. Lena collects poetry. She displays the poems:
Carved in trees around her house
On the ceiling and walls of her room
Inscribed on tiny beads
On ornamental fans hanging in her room
12. In our first glimpse at Ridley, she uses her dark powers against a:
Law enforcement official
13. Macon comes face-to-face with Sarafine, masquerading as Mrs. Lincoln, during a hearing to decide whether or not to expel Lena. The hearing is held in:
The school
The community center
The public library
A church
14. When Ridley meets Ethan for the first time, she:
Slaps him
Nearly runs him over
Kisses him
Hypnotizes him
15. At the Ravenwood family dinner which Ethan unwillingly attends, Lena makes:
The tables and chairs and all their contents hang upside down from the ceiling
A crystal chandelier shatter
The dining table spin around wildly
Ridley vomit
16. Lena recounts Ridley, having recently turned dark, kill a boy by:
Impaling himself on a pitchfork
Putting himself on train tracks
Get struck by lightning
Run his car off a bridge
17. Lena and Ethan attempt go on a date to see an installment in this franchise (the title of which, as Ethan suggested earlier, the theater marquee gets wrong):
Final Destination
18. At the movie, Lena and Ethan see a vision which the events which begin the curse. The responsible party is Lena's ancestor _________, who is her ___________:
Mercy Lynne / great-great-great aunt
Genevieve / great-great-great-great grandmother
Mercy Lynne / great-great-great-great aunt
Genevieve / great-great-great grandmother
19. Mrs. Lincoln calls on Ethan, bringing _______, but is refused entrance as the house is bound:
Rhubarb pie
Red velvet cake
20. Having fled Mrs. Lincoln, Ethan goes to see Lena but cannot reach her (at first) as she is being bound by:
Macon and the other light members of the family
Ridley and the other dark members of the family
Lena herself
Ethan, who doesn't realize he has this power
21. Amma tells Ethan and Lena that this US First Lady "was the only mortal [the casters] were ever afraid of."
Hilary Clinton
Jacqueline Kennedy
Nancy Reagan
Lady Bird Johnson
22. Amma takes Ethan and Lena down into the caster library, the entrance to which is located:
Under Ethan's house
Under the public library
Under the Ravenwood residence
Under the town cemetery
23. In the library, Lena finds this book, which reveals to her how to undo the curse:
Book of Moons
Book of Blood
Book of Chance
Book of Change
24. When Ethan and Lena have an argument in the middle of the street, Lena uses her powers to ___________:
Make it impossible for Ethan to speak
Make it rain only on Ethan
Make insects swarm around Ethan
Root Ethan to the ground
25. A/n _________ catches fire when Lean and Ethan kiss for the first time:
Stack of books
Old billboard
Abandoned farmhouse
Grove of trees
26. A teary Lena states that the only way to break the curse is:
For her to die
For someone she loves to die
For her to take the life of someone she loves
For her to decide to turn dark
27. Lena says goodbye to Ethan, leaving him with no memory of her, after the two:
Kiss in the rain
Kiss in the snow
Kiss in a boat
Kiss at a train station
28. Sarafine and Ridley use Ethan's friend Link in their plot to turn Lena dark. Link first came under Ridley's sway when he made out with her:
When Ethan and Lena ate dinner at the Ravenwood residence
When Ethan and Lena kissed in the snow
When Ethan and Lena were in the keeper library
While Ethan and Lena were at the movie
29. Ethan appears to have died by way of:
30. Hey, that's a nice trick. During Lena's final confrontation with Ridley and Sarafine, Lena:
Turns stone to trees
Makes the moon disappear
Makes the sun disappear
Turns trees to stone

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