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How Well Do You Know: The Adjustment Bureau (Version 2)
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1. Handsome Representative David Norris is not like other Congressmen. What does he have on his post-election resume that they do not?
Disorderly Conduct charge from a bar brawl
Indictment over bribery charges
Standing invitation to the Playboy Mansion
Love letters from Ben Affleck
By way of explanation.....
Who picks a fight with Jason Bourne?
2. Handsome Congressman David Norris suffers some misfortune at the start of the film. What is it?
He is not elected to Senate.
His girlfriend dies.
His mother dies.
That itchy, burning sensation in his pants requires medication. Damn those skanky political groupies!
By way of explanation.....
While answer #1 is technically correct, #4 is probably accurate as well.
3. What happens while Norris is in the bathroom?
He discovers his first doorway.
He finds a magic hat. No, really.
He shares a kiss with the lovely Elise Sellas.
What normally does. Let's speak of it no further.
By way of explanation.....
Good for both of them. The entire internet wants to watch that sex tape.
4. What power do the hats give the Men in Hats?
They can enter doors that take them to different parts of the city.
They can force people to do their evil bidding.
They can read minds.
The can turn invisible.
By way of explanation.....
Out of the four powers, this is arguably the least useful.
5. How many living family members does David Norris have?
Only Charlie, his brother and political advisor
Only Elise, his sister, which is Stars Wars-level creepy in hindsight.
None of his family members are alive.
His family all shows up during the ballpark scene. There are dozens of them.
By way of explanation.....
In order to groom Norris for a political career, his brother and mother are killed before he is 10 and his father dies before he is in high school.
6. Loyal Hatman Harry Mitchell is instructed by his uber-jerk boss that something has to happen. He falls asleep and thereby blows this assignment. What was the task?
David has to spill coffee on Elise's shirt by 7:05.
David has to spill coffee on his shirt by 7:05.
Elise has to be on her bus by 7:05.
Elise has to be on David's bus by 7:05.
By way of explanation.....
Elise is not even a dot on their paper matrix at this point in the film.
7. What makes David the favorite for the 2010 Senate race?
Due to a nomination snafu, he is running unopposed.
The death of his opponent from the 2006 race.
The retirement of his opponent from the 2006 race.
The uniquely honest speech he makes in conceding the 2006 race.
By way of explanation.....
He admits that a saying that he quotes is not his but in fact something that tested well with a focus group.
8. How do the Men with Hats anticipate the behavior of their subjects?
Via books with updating maps
Via Droid
Via iPad
Via iPhone
By way of explanation.....
There is not in fact an app for that.
9. After meeting Elise on the bus, David returns to RSR Venture Capital only to discover...
the building is gone
the front door takes him to a waterfront restaurant
the people are frozen in place
the people have no idea who he is
10. Who did the Men in Hats kidnap and take to their (drab) underground lair?
Charlie, David's boss/friend
Man in Hat Harry Mitchell, who fell asleep on the job
By way of explanation.....
Men in Hats scare the daylights out of me, what with their special powers and terrible interior decorating.
11. What do the Men in Hats call the little things they do to alter the events of history?
Adjustments. Duh.
Leveling with People.
By way of explanation.....
The movie is named The Adjustment Bureau, people. It's not rocket science.
12. What is the cruelest thing the Men in Hats do to David?
Force him out of the 2010 Senate race.
They burn Elise's phone number.
They erase the memory of Elise from his mind.
They don't give him a hat because "it wouldn't fit you".
By way of explanation.....
That white-haired dude from Mad Men is a *jerk*.
13. Harry enters a bar and explains to David the key consideration in how the Men in Hats handle their adjustments. What is the primary concern?
Fewest Ripples
Getting to the end of it all
Largest Ripples
Receiving the most compliments about their hats
By way of explanation.....
Too many ripples causes too many problems. But the hats are nice enough to merit compliments.
14. What is the name of the leader of the Men in Hats?
The Chairman
The Final Adjuster
The Leader
By way of explanation.....
I wanted to make a Safety Dance joke here but I just couldn't make it work. The big problem I have with The Chairman is that it's too Iron Chef.
15. The Men in Hats have a strange weakness. What is their Kryptonite?
Guns, just like the rest of us.
Male pattern baldness. No, really.
Metals, particularly magnetized ones
By way of explanation.....
Yes, water is what creates the most problems for them. How very War of the Worlds.
16. How many more years pass by before David and Elise meet again?
By way of explanation.....
Three years later, he begs her forgiveness and that's when the real problems begin.
17. What is Elise's profession?
Ballet Dancer
Belly Dancer
Yoga Instructor
By way of explanation.....
Casting agents, please sign up Emily Blunt for the other three options.
18. Why do Elise and David keep running into each other through "random chance"?
The Chairman has overruled The Book.
In a previous version of The Plan, they were intended to be together.
The Men in Hats are misinterpreting the book. They are intended to be together.
Random chance.
19. When the agents try to stop David from seeing Elise dance, what is the most shocking ripple they create to stop him?
Car wreck
Plane crash
Police arrest
Train derailment
By way of explanation.....
After the car wreck, one of the members of the Bureau tries to stall him further by posing as a policeman.
20. When Thompson (aka Terence Stamp) tries to discourage David from pursuing Elise, what does he do to her?
Breaks her arm
Burns her thumb
Injures her ankle
Scars her face
By way of explanation.....
Thompson is kind enough not to break the ankle. It's only a sprain.
21. What forces David's hand in deciding to go after Elise once and for all?
He grows suicidal without her
She gets engaged to someone else
She finds out she is pregnant with his baby
The Chairman convinces him to go for it.
22. Harry, the nice man from The Adjustment Bureau, reveals that he had once been the tracker for...
David's brother
David's father
Elise's brother
Elise's mother
By way of explanation.....
"Your dad was a very smart man. He could have been a lot more...but The Plan didn't call for it."
23. What does Harry let David have?
The Book with The Plan
His Hat
The Map of The Building
Elise's home address
By way of explanation.....
Anybody who will loan you their magic hat is a good friend indeed.
24. How does David convince Elise that he is not crazy and that he has not intentionally hurt her?
He takes her through a series of doors then lets her make a choice.
He takes her to The Building.
He takes her to The Chairman.
He gives her the hat.
By way of explanation.....
As much as he loves her, he does not love her enough to give her the hat. As an aside, the exterior shot of her at the baseball field is one of the best in recent cinema.
25. When the agents reach the rooftop, what do they plan to do to David and Elise?
Kill Elise
Kill David
Reset David
Take his hat (those bastards!)
By way of explanation.....
Reset David sounds like the name of a Philip K. Dick novella that he forgot to write.

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