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How Well Do You Know: Clear and Present Danger
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1. The film opens with the interception of a:
2. When we first see Ernesto Escobedo, he is grousing about the theft of his product doing this (he is doing the same thing when he dies later in the film):
Throwing a football
Throwing darts
Swimming laps
Swinging a baseball bat
3. Jim Greer is dying from:
A brain tumor
A faulty heart valve
Pancreatic cancer
Hodgkin’s lymphoma
4. The illicit operation that Cutter and Ritter launch is code-named:
5. On his first trip into the US to meet Moira Wolfson, Felix Cortez tells a US customs agent that that he sells:
Vending machines
6. Harden, the US citizen killed by the cartel at the beginning of the film, is a past associate of the President. Ryan suggests that, to diffuse a potential scandal, the President call Harden a:
Casual acquaintance
Lifelong friend
College compatriot
Blood brother
7. Right before the US troops recruited by Clark are dropped in Colombia, Clark has them:
Swear a vow
Each swallow a small tracking device
Remove their dogtags
Formally disavow their connection to the US military
8. Receiving confirmation from Clark that the operation has launched, Ritter messages to Cutter: "Congratulations, James,":
You've begun to make history
Vengeance begins now
You've got your own little war
The chicken is in the pot
9. President sends Ryan to Colombia. Why?
To investigate what Clark is doing in the country
So Ryan is not in the country to watch over Ritter and Cutter
To pressure the government into acting against the cartels
To establish the source of Harden's cash
10. The call signs used between Clark and the troops in the operation are:
Variable and Knife
Battleship and Machete
Eagle Eye and Needle
Tower and Blowtorch
11. The first target the US troops take out in Colombia is:
An underground drug lab
Escobedo's residence
An airplane hangar
A weapon depot
12. At their meeting in a Bogota hotel lobby, Clark suggests that Ryan look into this particular brand of coffee:
13. An American official named Jacobs sent down to Colombia to meet Jack. What is the ill-fated Jacobs' title?
FBI Director
Secretary of State
CIA Director
Head of DEA
14. Felix Cortez returns a call to Moira Wolfson. Her answering machine records this sentence, which is eventually used to identify him:
The machine is still on, Moira.
Don't hang up yet, Moira.
Are you there, Moira?
Is this the beautiful Moira?
15. Cortez kills Moira by:
Smothering her
Stabbing her
Poisoning her
Breaking her neck
16. Save Jack, virtually the entire American delegation sent to Colombia is killed in an attack. The attack was carried out:
By Escobedo, without the knowledge of Cortez
By Escobedo, with the tacit approval of Cortez
By Cortez, with the tacit approval of Escobedo
By Cortez, without the knowledge of Escobedo
17. The fatal attack was largely carried out:
From rooftops
From armored vehicles
In an underground facility
With roadside bombs
18. Cutter and Ritter order an air strike, which kills most of the cartel leaders. Escobedo isn't at the residence which is destroyed, largely because:
The road to residence is hard to navigate
Cortez gets wind of the attack
The wrong residence is targeted
The bridge leading to the residence has been destroyed
19. Ryan figures out that it wasn't a car bomb that destroyed the cartel gathering by:
Eavesdropping on a conversation between Clark and Ritter
Examining photos of detonation
Analyzing residue found at the site of the detonation
Finding aerial footage of the explosion
20. A clandestine meeting takes place between:
Cortez and Ritter
Cortez and Cutter
Escobedo and Cutter
Escobedo and Ritter
21. At the meeting, Cortez seeks the means to defeat the American soldiers in exchange for:
Stopping the drug shipments completely
Seizing control of and regulating the drug trade
Assassinating Ryan
Assassinating Ritter
22. Ryan tasks a techno-expert with breaking into:
Ritter's computer system
Cutter's computer system
The President's computer system
Clark's computer system
23. Scenes showing the American soldiers being routed are inter-cut with scenes of:
A second American delegation to Colombia being attacked
Greer's funeral
Ryan pacing nervously in his office
Electronic communication between Cutter and Ritter
24. Cutter and Ritter tell Clark that the operation can resume if Clark:
Kills Cortez
Kills Ryan
Kills Escobedo
Disavows and dealings with them
25. Realizing that Ritter, not Ryan, is to blame for his men getting cut off, Clark tells Ryan that he needs:
Heavy armaments
A helicopter
To kidnap Cortez
Maps of the soldiers's last known location
26. Ryan meets Escobedo face-to-face by:
Having Clark arranging a meeting
Knocking on his door
Allowing himself to be kidnapped
Storming Escobedo's residence, guns blazing
27. Escobedo is killed by:
One of Cortez's associates
28. Who kills Cortez?
One of the American soldiers
One of Escobedo's men
29. In his confrontation with the Ryan in the White House, the President mentions this kind of animal:
Alley cat
Rabid mongoose
Pit viper
Junkyard dog
30. As the film closes, Ryan is:
Visiting Jim Greer's grave
Visiting the grave of the American soldiers killed
Before a congressional committee
Witnessing the birth of his son

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