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How Well Do You Know: Carrie (1976)
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1. In this version, what is the name of the high school?
Ewen High School
Chamberlain High School
Perkins High School
Bates High School
2. What is the Bates High School mascot?
3. Which sport do Carrie and the other female students play at the beginning of the film?
Water polo
4. Which name does Principal Morton miscall Carrie?
Karen Ward
Cathie Warden
Cassie Wright
Carly White
5. While we're on the subject of name games, what does the boy who bikes around Carrie call her?
Scary Carrie
Baby Cassie
Creepy Carrie
Crazy Carrie
6. Margaret, Carrie's mother, believes that menstruation is a sinful sign. According to "The Sins of Women," sins are symbolized as which animal?
7. Because of what happened to Carrie, Miss Collins assigns detention to all of her students. How long does it last?
30 minutes
40 minutes
50 minutes
60 minutes
8. Curious about her power, Carrie goes to the library to read about telekinesis. Which book does Carrie pick?
"Hidden Powers of the Mind" by R.D. Ogilve
"A Miracle" by Guy de Maupaussant
"The Secret Science Behind Miracles" by Max Freedom Long
"A Miracle a Day Keeps the Devil Away" by Charles Eugene Boone
9. Which is not one of the exercises Miss Collins instructs during detention?
Jumping jacks
10. Chris has a cunning prank on Carrie at the prom. At several points in the car, Billy, her boyfriend, smacks her in the face. Why?
He's the only person in school who likes Carrie
She nagged about him drinking and driving
She was about to call the police on him for domestic abuse
She called him "dumb shit"
11. Tommy finds Carrie at the library reading her book. What subject does she claim to read about?
Home decoration
12. At night, Chris, Billy and a couple of farmers sneak into a pig pen to gather blood for the prank. What tool does Billy use to kill one of the pigs?
13. Tommy and his friends, George and the Beak, try on tuxedos for the prom. What is The Beak's issue with tuxedos?
Bow ties
Bell bottoms
14. What is Margaret's issue with Carrie's prom dress?
The bust is too revealing
The bottom hem of the skirt is too short
The back is too revealing
The dress isn't fully clothed
15. What is the title of the school prom?
Enchantment in the Sky
Beyond the Tropic Paradise
Love Among the Stars
Beneath the Majestic Sea
16. Miss Collins remembers her first date to the prom. He was captain of the basketball team. How tall was he?
6' 5"
6' 7"
6' 10"
7' 2"
17. How does Carrie describe her night with Tommy?
Like flying to the moon
Like being with Jesus
Like gazing at a solar eclipse
Like being on Mars
18. Who do Tommy and Carrie vote for Prom King and Queen?
Dale Norbert and Mary Lila Grace
Frank Green and Cora Wilson
Pete Tabor and Elenor Richmond
19. When does Chris pull the bucket of pig's blood on Carrie?
After Carrie receives her bouquet of flowers
After Carrie's picture is taken
After Carrie and Tommy kiss
After Miss Collins tosses Sue out of the Prom
20. Which voices are not heard in Carrie's head during her psychotic break?
"You suck."
Trust me, Carrie."
"They're all gonna laugh at you!"
"Oh sorry, Cassie."
21. During the Black Prom Massacre, which character dies of electrocution?
Miss Collins
Mr. Fromm
22. Margaret, in an attempt to kill Carrie, tells her that she was raped by her husband. What was his name?
23. To this day, Sue frequently has nightmares about Carrie. What does Carrie's epitaph read?
"Carrie White eats shit."
"Crazy Carrie, Crazy Carrie"
"Rest in Pieces: Cassie Wright"
"Carrie White burns in hell"

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