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Coraline quiz

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1. Coraline and her family move into an apartment building with this name:
Maroon Mansion
Pink Palace
Chartreuse Chateau
Magenta Manor
2. What does Coraline carry with her when she first meets Wybie?
A dousing rod
A slingshot
A packet of flower seeds
A pinwheel
3. According to Coraline, she and her family moved from this state:
New Jersey
4. What garment does the doll version of Coraline that Wybie delivers wear?
Blue overalls
A yellow raincoat
Purple pajamas
A candy-cane striped sweater
5. Coraline's parents never seem to have much time for her, as they are trying to write a:
Comic strip
6. Coraline finds the small door behind the wallpaper, apparently sealed by bricks. That night, she is lured back to the door by:
The cat
Her mother
7. Which was not one of the fantastical discoveries Coraline made during her first night in Other World?
Other Mother could cook very well
A piano that "played" her father
A parrot that could sing opera
Mud that cured Poison Oak rash
8. Coraline first meets Mr. Bobinsky as she delivers to him several parcels of _______ that have been left on her door:
Flea circus fleas
9. The dogs which decorate the dwelling of Miss Spink and Miss Forcible most closely resemble:
German shepherds
Scottish terriers
10. Coraline wants her mother to buy her a particular item of clothing. Her mother refuses at first, but relents at the end of the film. What was it?
Patent leather shoes
Argyle knee-high socks
A polka-dot beret
Striped gloves
11. Wybie confides to Coraline that one of his relatives disappeared inside the Pink Palace. What relation to Wybie was this?
His sister
His great aunt
His grandmother
His fourth cousin twice removed on his father's side
12. The cannons in Mr. Bobinsky's apartment in Other World shoot:
Cotton candy
Saltwater taffy
Fountain drinks
13. The tractor that Other Father rides in the Other World garden most closely resembles what type of insect?
A ladybug
A dragonfly
A praying mantis
An ant
14. Voiced by Keith David, the cat:
Can talk in the real world, but can't talk in Other World
Can talk in Other World, but can't talk in the real world
Can talk in both the real world and in Other World
Can't talk anywhere, so forget we mentioned it was voiced by Keith David
15. The Other Misses Spink and Forcible are much _________ than their real-world selves:
More claustrophobic
More slender
Less talkative
More blood-thirsty
16. Most of the time, the corridor between Coraline's world and Other World is:
Kind of yellowish-green
Sorta purply-blue
Somewhat reddish-orange
Mostly black and white
17. When Other Mother casts Coraline into the mirror, she meets ghost children, who number:
18. Spink and Forcible give Coraline a seeing stone. Can you describe what it looks like?
It's a triangle with a circular hole
It's a circle with a square hole
I'ts an octagon without a hole
It's a square with a triangular hole
19. To free the ghost children, Coraline had to recover their eyes. Of the following, which did not have one of the sets of eyes?
Other Father
Spink and Forcible
The cat
Mr. Bobinsky
20. Spink and Forcible eventually transform into a monster made of:
21. What is the sign that Other Wybie has been done in for aiding Coraline?
She finds his head
The cat brings her Wybie's button eyes
His clothes fly from a flagpole
His raincoat is nailed to the front door
22. After rescuing her parents, who alerted Coraline to the fact that she was still in danger, as the key still existed?
The cat
Mr. Bobinsky
The ghost children
23. In addition to freeing the ghost children, Coraline has to rescue her parents. She finds them in a snowglobe, the inscription on which reads:
Detroit Zoo
Property of Other Mother
Pismo Beach
Beware the Beldam
24. When it chases Coraline through the spider web, the beldam has which disadvantage?
It has no eyes
The ghost children help Coraline
It is missing one of its hands
Other Father helps Coraline
25. All seems well at the end of the movie, except:
The cat suddenly has buttons sewn on its eyes
The piano begins to play itself
The garden is in the shape of Other Mother's face
Mice rescue and reconstruct the Beldam's hand

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