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About a Boy Quiz

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1. Right off the bat, we're treated to Hugh Grant's character, Will, watching one of Great Britain's most famous game shows. Which is it?
Whose Line is it Anyway
American Idol
Who Wants to be a Millionaire
2. Music is a key element to this movie. The opening song playing while Will is lamenting about being an island and creating his own island paradise is "Something to Talk About." often times mistaken as being called "About A Boy." In any event, who sings that song as well as many of the other tunes on the soundtrack?
Bright Eyes
Jon Bon Jovi
Badly Drawn Boy
Jack Johnson
3. What actor or actress is perhaps surprisingly one of the producers of About A Boy?
Robert De Niro
Haley Joel Osment
Drew Barrymore
Danny DeVito
4. When Will visits with his friends Christine and John early on in the film and is basically told his life is a meaningless disaster because he holds no job and can't keep a relationship for a few months, what is the real reason he was asked to come?
They want to set him up on a date
They want to hold an intervention for Will's drinking problem
They want to give Will a job
They want Will to be the godfather of their newborn daughter
5. Fiona is walking Marcus to school, despite the boy's meek protests. Still, he follows through with the cutesy exchange his mother begins by asking, "Who are you?" What animal sound does it end with?
6. Marcus treats his classmates to a song in the middle of a lecture by the teacher. It's "Rainy Days and Mondays" by The Carpenters. You're welcome. But this causes bullies afterwards to tease him and his friends while flinging dodge balls at his head. Which of the following singers do they call them?
Madonna and The Spice Girls
Elton John and Backstreet Boys
George Michael and Boyzone.
John Bon Jovi and The Beatles
7. Needing a place to find single mothers, Will joins a therapy group. What's the acronym and what do the letters stand for? (It may help to remember they chant this phrase at the meetings.)
SPIT: Single Parents Intertwined Together
SPOT: Single Parents Own This
SPUN: Single Parents Understand and Nurture
SPAT: Single Parents Alone Together
8. To get the trust of those in the single parents therapy group, Will has to come up with a back story. He decides to say he has a two year old with blue eyes, sandy colored hair, and also is two foot, three. But what do the others think is so unbelievable about his story?
Will keeps changing the gender of his alleged offspring
Will keeps changing the name of his alleged offspring
Will says that his alleged offspring's mother left him for his best friend driving a Ferrari
Will says that his alleged offspring's mother left him for another woman
9. On his first date with Suzie where Marcus has to tag along, we finally find out exactly how Will gets along in life without having a job. As it turns out, how did he make his money?
He was a contestant on Who Wants to be a Millionaire
He got a huge settlement from an accident
He received a large inheritance
He received royalties from a Christmas song his dad wrote
10. During the picnic a comical but tragic thing occurs. Worse, when Marcus gets home he finds his mother had tried to commit suicide. He ties the two events together by referring to the day as what?
Dead Duck Day
Dead Bread Day
Dead Dolphin Day
Epiphany of Saint Marcus
11. Will explains that the best way to fill your time was to be your own activities director using a system where thirty minutes was equal to one unit. Which of the following is NOT one of the things he lists as part of his activities routine?
Taking a bath, one unit
Reading the paper, one unit
Web-based research, two units
Having his hair carefully disheveled, four units
12. When Will agrees to take Marcus and Fiona out to lunch, sadly Fiona is wearing something quite horrendous that Marcus insisted she put on. What was it?
A pink and white polka dotted blouse
A poorly knitted hat with ears
A hairy jumper resembling a Yeti costume
A skimpy black tube top
13. Marcus threatens to tell people that Will lied to them about having a kid if Will doesn't go out with his mother Fiona. When Will rejects the threat with the childish "Oooh I'm scared." Marcus says he'll be back. What does he do to finally get Will's attention again?
Throws small rocks at his window at dawn
Outside he plays "Santa's Super Sleigh" over and over until he cracks
Rings the doorbell in time with the song "Zoo Station" by The Edge playing inside Will's flat
Prank calls him at all hours of the night
14. What do Marcus and Will do together as they spend some time getting to know one another during an excellent montage?
Watch Who Wants to be a Millionaire
Watch The Weakest Link
Watch Deal or No Deal
Watch Countdown
15. Will gets pretty upset as he hears "Santa's Super Sleigh" played at the grocery store. After all, they started playing it when?
November 19th
December 1st
16. Will also gets pretty upset when he finds out that bullies harass Marcus, even pelting sweets at him on his very own doorstep. What does he purchase for the boy to help make things a bit better?
A cool new hand-held video game system
Cool new trainers
A cool new haircut
A cool 10-speed bike
17. While Fiona and Will argue about what intentions the man may or may not have for entertaining Marcus at his house every day after school, Marcus finally decides he, too, wants a shout. What does he scream at the top of his lungs?
18. Will decides at first to not spend Christmas with whom he dubs Miss Granola Suicide and her Spawn. Instead, he suggests he's gonna get drunk and high. He rents a DVD to watch while doing so. What did he rent?
A Christmas Story
A Christmas Carol
19. Marcus gets a CD and CD Player from Will for Christmas which is brilliant! But what does Marcus give Will to return the favor that's more of a joke?
A "Santa's Super Sleigh" record
A single parent's handbook
A loaf of his mum's killer bread
A ticket to see Jon Bon Jovi in concert
20. During a New Years Eve gathering where Will meats Rachel, a new girl that has caught his eye, he sadly loses her interest when he's honest about the fact he does nothing. However, an opportunity arises to get back into the game with her. What does it involve?
Not correcting Rachel when she infers Marcus is his son
Asking her if she'd like to dance
Rachel mentions she used to go to SPAT meetings
Will offers to sing "Santa Super Sleigh" to her
21. Where do Will and Marcus have the first of their sort of "birds and the bees" conversations when Marcus brings up Ellie to him?
At the grocery store.
In front of the TV watching Countdown.
Playing billiards.
The zoo outside the monkey exhibit.
22. Rachel finally gets the truth about the relationship between Will and Marcus and really lays into him for good reason. After all, it's not like she had this wild psychological need for some guy to show up with preferably a weird awkward teenage kid to go out with her. What does she eventually call Will before he accepts what she is saying and leaves the table?
Psychic Vampire
23. Why does Will go to another SPAT meeting towards the end of the film?
Fiona suggests he needs to set things straight about Ned.
He's looking for Fiona to talk to her about her being suicidal.
Marcus has agreed to be called his son.
He's looking for Fiona because he has realized it was her he really loved.
24. How does Will save Marcus from committing social suicide by singing "Killing Me Softly" in front of the school?
Accompanies him on the guitar
Explains to the headmaster he can't go on
Tells him to sing "Santa's Super Sleigh" instead
Talks Ellie into joining him on stage while singing "Shake Your Ass"
25. By the next Christmas, things seem to be working out quite nicely for Will, Marcus, and everyone involved. Will still professes that "all men are islands" but what has he added to this summation?
Men needs inhabitants on their islands to be complete.
Island living was becoming too expensive for him.
Some men were more like peninsulas.
Some men were part of island chains. Underneath, they're connected.

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