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How Well Do You Know: Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
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1. We first meet mean Mr. Krupp when he does this to George Beard and Harold Hutchins.
puts the boys in detention for another one of their pranks
destroys their origin issue of the Captain Underpants comic
confiscates George's bike
forces them to clean the boys bathroom
2. Harold names a bunch of items that Mr. Krupp supposedly hates. Which of the following was not mentioned?
school vacation weeks
3. Mr. Krupp used money for ________ rather than for the arts and music programs.
office security guards
an electric fence around the school
his house repairs
an automatic door closer
4. Why is Mr. Krupp making all students and staff go to school on a Saturday?
the Invention Convention
the Tardy Party
Science Fair Saturday
the Monologue Metering
5. Harold and George became friends in kindergarten after they both found humor in this.
"pirate's booty"
"penal code"
"home erectus"
6. Harold and George tinker with one of Melvin Sneedley's inventions - the Turbo Toilet 2000. How did Mr. Krupp know Harold and George were the ones responsible?
he hired another student to follow them around
he had a school security system secretly installed and can now sees everything the boys are doing
Melvin had a nanny cam record their misdeeds
a school security officer saw them causing trouble
7. Melvin's nanny cam was disguised as this animal.
teddy bear
8. Mr. Krupp decides to punish Harold and George by placing them in separate classrooms. In Harold's version of the future, separate classrooms will inevitably lead to...this.
9. What does Edith the lunch lady make for Mr. Krupp?
an ice cream sundae
a tuna casserole
a sweet potato pie
a grilled cheese sandwich
By way of explanation.....
his name is spelled out in japaleno peppers
10. What toy does George use on Mr. Krupp in at attempt to stop the principal from putting George and Harold in separate classrooms?
a secret agent watch
a hypno-ring
3D glasses
a whistle
11. Captain Underpants tries to "help" the citizens in town. Which of the following does NOT happen?
he fights an inflatable gorilla
he puts a lady in a tree so she can get to her trapped cat
he pushes a little girl on a bike into traffic in order to save a pedestrian she was going to hit
he assists a mime who is "trapped" in an invisible box
12. Why do George and Harold find snooping in Mr. Krupp's house to be a "sad snoop"?
it's obvious he lives alone
he doesn't own any pets
his house is falling apart - it should probably be condemned
he had pictures in his house that suggest he was an orphan at a young age
13. Captain Underpants, dressed to look like Mr. Krupp again, flirts with Edith the lunch lady by complimenting:
her hair
her uniform
her socks
her eyes
14. A man named Professor P decides to apply for the vacant science teacher position. He has no experience as a teacher, though. What was his job title for the last few years?
"human doormat"
"evil plan maker upper"
"revenge seeker"
"boredom buster"
15. What is Professor P's agenda?
making students hate school as much as he did as a child
getting rid of all laughter in the world
stealing money secretly hidden under the school
turning students into robots and using them for free labor
16. Which of the following is NOT a lobe of the average child's brain, according to Professor P?
"as soon as someone else has a toy, I want that toy"
"only thing I'll eat is pizza, chicken nuggets or buttered noodles"
"fear of what's under the bed"
"I only want to eat ice cream"
17. Harold and George discover a secret of Professor P and turn it into a comic book that gets distributed throughout the school. What piece of information do the other students soon learn?
Professor P's former occupation
Professor P's real reason for taking the science teacher positron
Professor P's address
Professor P's last name
18. Why doesn't Melvin Sneedly have a sense of humor?
he lost it after having brain surgery as a baby
he lacks the lobe of the brain responsible for humor
his mother dropped him on his head as a baby, knocking it loose
he does have one, he just chooses not to use it at school
By way of explanation.....
The lobe is called the hahaguffawchuckleamalus
19. Captain Underpants puts a carnival outside the school for the students' enjoyment. Where are the teachers?
in detention
at their homes
locked inside a school bus
at the unemployment office
20. Harold and George have trouble keeping Captain Underpants dry. Their battle is lost when this happens.
Captain Underpants decides to go swimming
the spell from the hypno ring inexplicably wears off
Captain Underpants discovers the water fountain
it starts raining
21. Where do Professor Poopypants and Melvin get fuel for the Turbo Toilet?
the teachers' lounge
the school bus filling station
cafeteria food leftovers
dirty, stinky gym clothes
22. Professor Poopypants wipes out George and Harold's hahaguffawchuckleamaluses. They find their laughter again and it breaks the Turbo Toilet after they hear this word.
"potty humor"
23. Harold and George get trapped when these items of Professor Poopypants get enlarged.
fidget spinners
tubes of lip balm
24. George and Harold do a good deed by doing this shortly after Professor P is defeated.
they set Mr. Kupp and Edith up on a date
they create an apology issue of the Captain Underpants comic
they visit Professor Poopypants in jail
they apologize to Mr. Krupp for the way they had treated him
25. How does Mr. Krupp accidentally turn himself into Captain Underpants?
he turns on a TV show that has someone snapping
he tries teaching a kindergartener how to snap her fingers
he snaps his fingers asking for the check during his and Edith's date
he hears a catchy tune on the radio and snaps his fingers to the beat

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