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Friday Night Lights, Season 1 10/27/09 69.12%[17.28/25]        Comments
If Matt Saracen, Eric Taylor, Tyra Collete and Tim Riggins hold a special place in your heart, you are familiar with Friday Night Lights, an absolute gem of a television series.
Friday Night Lights, Season 1: Pilot 10/21/09 76.65%[15.33/20]        Comments
In putting together a quiz for the balance of Season 1, I realized how much groundwork for the rest of the series was laid in that one episode.
Sports Movie Coaches 9/30/09 63.16%[15.79/25]        Comments
We'll test your knowledge of these larger-than-life characters. Given the name of the coach, can you name the film he was in?
NFL Cheerleaders 9/16/09 68.90%[6.89/10]        Comments
Now that the NFL season is underway, iIthe league's cheerleaders. In particular, we'll test your ability to identify cheerleaders according to their team's division.
Football (in the) Movies 9/9/09 62.92%[15.73/25]        Comments
From sublime to silly, from Gayle Sayers to Bobby Boucher, football has been prominently featured in Hollywood films for decades.
Rudy 9/3/09 77.37%[20.89/27]        Comments
A stirring sports movie, Rudy is a film that even those who are less than enamored with Notre Dame football enjoy.
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story 7/27/09 80.08%[20.02/25]        Comments
When White Goodman's Globo Gym threatens Peter La Fleur's Average Joe's, Peter and his ragtag bunch of lovable losers look to a playground sport for survival.
Natural, The: 7/13/09 74.70%[22.41/30]        Comments
Since its 1984 debut, The Natural has stood as one of the best baseball movies - and sports movies - of all time.
NBA Draft Trivia 6/23/09 56.88%[14.22/25]        Comments
It's not quite the spectacle of the NFL Draft. Yet each year, the NBA Draft adds an entertaining distraction to the sports calendar.
Tin Cup 6/16/09 78.20%[19.55/25]        Comments
Roy McAvoy's pursuit of the US Open tells us much about golf and and even more about one of the more unlikely iconic figures in film.
Basketball (in the) Movies 6/2/09 63.16%[15.79/25]        Comments
Hoosiers. White Men Can't Jump. Juwanna Mann. Basketball has provided the backdrop for some of the most memorable movie-watching experiences we've enjoyed.
NFL Draft Trivia 4/23/09 61.48%[15.37/25]        Comments
Are you one of the viewers who tune in to the draft to see who will boom, who is going to bust and who is going to be the next Manning or Brady?
Friday Night Lights, Season 3 4/14/09 83.36%[20.84/25]        Comments
Beloved characters moved on to better things, while change continued to blow through the lives of the Taylors, Garritys, Collettes and Rigginses.
Hoosiers 4/6/09 79.60%[19.90/25]        Comments
Gene Hackman, Barbara Hershey and Dennis Hopper all give wonderful performance in this, one of the great sports movies.
Baseball (in the) Movies 4/2/09 70.80%[17.70/25]        Comments
Even when the film isn't chiefly about the game, baseball can provide a classic frame of reference for a movie.
Blades of Glory 7/23/08 77.32%[19.33/25]        Comments
There is more than enough hot violence-on-mascot action to satisfy even our most bloodthirsty writers. And some of the sophomoric sex jokes in this movie are truly inspired, right Nancy Kerrigan?
Remember the Titans 9/6/06 73.04%[18.26/25]        Comments
It didn't solve the problem of racism in America (for that, we'd have to wait several years for Crash), but Remember the Titans didn't purport to.
Necessary Roughness 9/28/05 79.13%[11.87/15]        Comments
Character development and an intelligent script keep the film from devolving into plucky-underdogs-make-good banality.
Bull Durham 7/13/05 66.10%[13.22/20]        Comments
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and rains. Think about that.
Field of Dreams 7/13/05 68.56%[17.14/25]        Comments
The poignance of this story arcs through multiple tales of greatness: There is the grace of an athlete who gave up the chance at fame in order to be a doctor.
Major League 7/13/05 76.40%[19.10/25]        Comments
So put on your jock strap and protective cup and let's find out how well do you know Major League?
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