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How Well Do You Know: Remember the Titans
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1. The film takes place in what decade?
2. The film takes place at what high school in what city and state?
TC Williams in Alexandria, Virginia
Gonzaga in Washington, DC
South Central in Cherry Hill, New Jersey
George Washington in Charlotte, North Carolina
3. Which studio produced the film?
United Artists
4. Prior to Coach Boone being named head coach of the Titans, the head coach was to be:
Coach Williams
Coach King
Ernie Pantusso
Coach Yoast
5. When he first meets Petey, Boone harasses him because
His shoes are untied
He is late for practice
He thinks football is fun
He is obviously out of shape
6. Jerry "Rev" Harris plays:
Running back
Defensive lineman
Tight end
7. Before getting on the bus to the camp, Boone dresses down Gerry, comparing him to:
Jerry Lewis
Henny Youngman
Richard Prior
Frank Sinatra
8. Who is Ed Henry?
The man who hired Boone
The coach whose team the Titans play at State
Gerry's father
One of Boone's assistant coaches
9. Boone held his grueling football camp at which college or university?
William & Mary
Johns Hopkins
10. What was the punishment Boone handed out at camp if a player messed up?
Running a mile
100 pushups
Singing in front of the team
Jumping jacks in the rain
11. Gerry and Julius got into a fight at camp over
Gerry's arrogance on the field
Songs Julius liked to sing
Gerry defending a white teammate who used a racist term
Julius's poster
12. Gerry's girlfriend Emma was played by which actress, who went on to be a romantic interest in a superhero movie?
Katie Holmes
Kate Bosworth
Jennifer Connelly
Kirsten Dunst
13. The film features an actor from each of the following, except:
The Notebook
Enemy of the State
My Name is Earl
14. The player known as "Sunshine" has the first name:
15. Before the first game, Boone learns the following:
If the Titans lose one game, he'll be fired
If the Titans lose one game, Yoast will be fired
Gerry is ineligible to play
Julius is ineligible to play
16. After their first game, a number of the players run into which difficulty in town?
They are harassed by a policeman
They get into a fight with other students from the school
They run into a harmonizing, spirit-fingered gang
They are denied service at a restaurunt
17. A fight breaks out at the school when:
Julius insults Gerry's mother
Some of the students bad-mouth Boone
Petey talks to a white girl
It is revealed that some of the students are betting against the Titans
18. An opposing coach refers to Boone as "that monkey." How does Boone respond?
He buys the coach a stuffed monkey
He tosses the coach a banana after the game
He buys the coach a ticket to the zoo
He doesn't respond in any way
19. Gerry insists that his friend Ray be cut from the team. Why?
Ray intentionally missed a block
Gerry is afraid Ray will get hurt
Ray continues to use racial slurs
Ray is jealous of Gerry's friendship with Julius
20. Which position or honor is Yoast up for (which he eventually loses out on)?
City Councilman
Athletic Director of the school
High School Football Hall of Fame
21. The film ends with the team reuniting at a funeral. Whose funeral did they attend?
22. The film features each of the following songs except:
Spirit in the Sky
Like a Rolling Stone
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Tall Cool Woman
23. How does Gerry become paralyzed?
Car accident
Gunshot to the back
Fell off his roof
Injured during a game
24. According to the film, what was the highest honor the Titans achieved?
State runners-up
State champions
National champion runners-up
National champions
25. Which player scoring the final touchdown of the Titans' season?

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