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Hoosiers quiz

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1. Prior to his coming to Hickory, Norman Dale's previous coaching experience was:
At a rival in-state high school
At a college
In the pros
He had no previous coaching experience
2. In addition to coaching at Hickory, Dale also taught
3. In a one-sided conversation between Norman and Jimmy early in the film, Norm told Jimmy:
If Jimmy played, the team could make it to State
Jimmy was throwing his future away by not playing
Jimmy not playing was his way at getting back at his deceased father
He didn't care if Jimmy played or not
4. In the first minutes of his first practice with the team, whom does Norm eject from the gym?
Jimmy Chitwood
The acting coach and one of the players
5. Which chant disrupts the pep rally at which the team is introduced?
U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi
We want Jimmy
We got spirit, yes we do, we got spirit, how 'bout you?
Couldn't hit the water if you fell out of a boat
6. Dale demands his team not take a shot before they pass the ball _________ times:
7. Strap, a player on the team, has which unusual habit before and during games?
He throws up
He prays
He puts a diagram of each of the team's plays in his sock
He wears mismatched socks
8. What was unusual about the ending of Hickory's first game?
The team didn't score any points
They played with only four players on the court
Hickory lost the game at the buzzer
A fight broke out
9. How did it come to pass that Norman and Myra had supper together shortly after the first game?
He invited her
She invited him
Shooter set them up
Myra's mother invited Norm over
10. Which of the following was not a condition Norman laid down when he asked Shooter to help coach the team?
That Shooter treat his son the same as the other players
That he be sober
That he clean himself up
That he show up to the games and practices on time
11. What did Norman Dale always have in his hand during a game?
A towel
A carrot
A pocket watch
A leather playbook
12. Myra discovered through library research that Norman was fired from his previous coaching job because:
He hit one of his players
He committed recruiting violations
He bet on games
He killed a pedestrian when he was driving drunk
13. Norman Dale was originally voted out at the town assembly. What transpired that overturned the vote?
The entire team threatened to quit if the coach was dismissed
Jimmy Chitwood announced that he would play on the team, but only if Dale was retained
Dale apologized to the assembly for not doing better with the boys
Myra intervened and demanded that Dale be retained
14. When Norm was trying to get Shooter to dry out, Shooter made Norm promise him something. What?
That he wouldn't get thrown out of any more games
That Norm would let Jimmy shoot more
That the team play zone defense more often
That Norm admit that Shooter wasn't an embarrassment
15. What was the name of the shortest player on the team, who was also the equipment manager?
16. What was the nickname of Hickory's team?
17. Following the game during which Shooter wandered out onto the floor drunk, Norm found Shooter passed out:
In the gym
In an alley behind a bowling alley
By a creek
In the Hickory locker room
18. Hickory's colors are:
Black and red
Gold and red
Red and grey
Gold and blue
19. Who hit the free throws that won the sectional final and sent Hickory to state?
20. What did Norm do to help the team get acclimated to the huge stadium in which the championship was played?
Had them measure the court
Had them run the same sprints on the court as they did in practice
Proved that the ball bounced as high as it did in Hickory
Lined the sidelines with Hickory fans during their practice
21. The team that Hickory played in the championship was from which other Indiana town/city?
French Lick
South Bend
22. Who scored the points that won the state championship for Hickory?
Errr, no one.....Hickory lost the game
23. One of the Hickory players played the last few games of the season with stitches in his:
Shooting hand
24. Where was Shooter during the state final?
On the sidelines with Norm
In the stands
In a hospital
Out in a field hunting
25. Which member(s) won an Oscar nomination for the film?
Gene Hackman
Barbara Hershey
Dennis Hopper
Both Hopper and Hackman

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