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How Well Do You Know: Field of Dreams
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When the movie was filmed, Red Sox tickets were easier to come by.

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1. Which legendary actor portrays Doc "Moonlight" Graham?
Hume Cronyn
Burt Lancaster
Walter Matthau
Gregory Peck
2. What was John Kinsella’s favorite baseball team growing up?
Boston Red Sox
Brooklyn Dodgers
Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox
3. What brand of baseball cards is shown during the film’s introduction?
Cracker Jack
4. Which of these instructions is not said by the voice?
Ease his pain.
Go the distance.
If you build it, he will come.
Make it happen.
5. What does Ray say upon completion of the field?
I have just created something totally illogical.
It’s a good baseball field.
Play ball!
Well, I have done my part.
6. Who is the first person to see Shoeless Joe Jackson on the field?
Terence Mann
7. When Joe asks if he can come back again, what does Ray tell him?
I built this for you.
I'd like that.
I’ll leave the lights on for you.
Sure, and bring some of your friends.
8. How many players show up on the second day?
9. Which of these people is eventually able to see the baseball players?
Annie's mother
Annie's father
10. Which of these books is not being banned by the local school board?
The Boat Rocker
Catcher in the Rye
Diary of Anne Frank
Wizard of Oz
11. What was Terence Mann’s earliest recurring dream?
Meeting Shoeless Joe Jackson
Playing at Ebbets Field with Jackie Robinson
That he was the voice of CNN
Watching a game at Fenway Park while eating a hot dog
12. What does Ray ask for when he finally meets Terence Mann?
An interview
Gas money
One minute of his time
To talk about baseball
13. How does Ray stop Terence Mann from beating him with a crowbar?
He knows kung fu
He offers baseball tickets to the Red Sox game
He reminds the man that he is a pacifist
He threatens the writer with a gun
14. What legendary author is the basis for the Terence Mann character?
Hunter S. Thompson
J.D. Salinger
Bernard Malamud
W.P. Kinsella
15. How many official at-bats did Archibald "Moonlight" Graham have in the major leagues?
He never made it into a game.
16. The man at the bar describes all of the following quirks about Doc Graham except:
He frequently bought blue hats for his wife, Alicia.
He likes to give teddy bears to the kids he treats.
He often carried an umbrella.
He wore an overcoat.
17. What is the movie on the marquee when Ray finds himself transported back to meet Doc Graham?
Funny Girl
Star Wars
The Godfather
The Way We Were
18. What did Doc Graham consider a potential tragedy?
Getting to be a ballplayer for only five minutes
Getting to be a doctor for only five minutes
Missing dinner with Alicia
Never meeting Alicia
19. What was the awful thing that Ray said to his father?
"I could never respect a man whose hero was a criminal."
"I don't want you to come to my wedding."
"I don't want you to meet your granddaughter."
"My favorite team is the Brooklyn Dodgers."
20. Which major league player was not allowed to play in Field of Dreams?
Babe Ruth
Gil Hodges
Mel Ott
Ty Cobb
21. How does Moonlight Graham irritate the pitcher?
He asks the ump to warn him about brushback pitches.
He hits a homerun.
He hits a sacrifice fly RBI.
He winks at the guy.
22. Who or what does Karin say will save the farm?
A Christmas miracle!
Baseball is America's game
People will come
Shoeless Joe Jackson
23. Who saves Karin from choking to death?
Archie Graham
24. Whose pain is eased in Field of Dreams?
John Kinsella
Ray Kinsella
Shoeless Jay Jackson.
Terence Mann
25. At the end of the film, what does Ray ask his father to do?
Come back any time
You wanna have a catch?
Play ball

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