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How Well Do You Know: Blades of Glory
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Blades of Glory

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1. What is Jimmy MacElroy's costume at the 2002 World WinterSport Games?
Panda Bear
2. To what song does Chazz Michael Michaels skate at the 2002 World WinterSport Games?
Afternoon Delight
Da Butt
I Want Your Sex
The Stroke
3. What is the name of Chazz Michael Micheals' porn movie for which he wins an adult film award?
Skates of Ass
Take It Up the Chazz
The Iceman Cometh
The Blowing Edge
4. When Chazz delivers a "perfect headbutt" on Jimmy, who really suffers?
Darren MacElroy, whose fur coat is ruined and picks up some disgusting germs
Scott Hamilton, who gets his toupee pulled off
Spaetzle, who goes up in flames
Stranz and Fairchild van Waldenberg, the pairs figure skating champions whose costumes are ruined
5. Which of these is not an official for the National Skating Federation?
Brian Boitano
Dorothy Hamill
Nancy Kerrigan
Michelle Kwan
6. Chazz's new job is working for which skating show?
Disney on Ice Presents High School Musical
Grublets on Ice
Spongebob on Ice
The Grumple
7. Who comes up with the plan to get Jimmy skating in tournaments once more?
Hector, his stalker
Katie, you know that chick from The Office
Chazz, you know that guy from those terrible deodorant commercials
8. "You know, I'm not a violent person but..."
"I would like to give them a hydrochloric acid enema."
"I would like to hold them down and skate over their throats."
"that doesn't mean I won't kill a guy and have sex with his corpse."
"you are, Stranz. Be a dear and choke them both to death."
9. Which hair care product does Chazz swear by?
Aqua Net hairspray
Budweiser Conditioner
Mane n' Tail shampoo
No More Tears shampoo
10. Which of these are not used by Chazz and Jimmy to prove that "they're not the girl"?
Bare-chested slip and slide on the ice
A display of prominent chest hair
A handstand
Walking barefoot on the ice
11. Chazz not only suggests a song for their routine, but goes on to perform it. What is the performance?
Baby Got Back
I Touch Myself
My Humps
12. What is the title of the first routine performed by Chazz and Jimmy, to the tune of Don't Wanna Miss a Thing?
Fire and Ice
It's Raining Men
In the Navy
Two Hot Dogs, One Bun
13. There's something of a downside to Coach's signature move, the Iron Lotus. What is it?
A groin shot is unavoidable
Historically, in male/female teams, pregnancy occurs
One of the skaters gets decapitated
Some cupping - or groping, really - is required
14. What is the principal food consumed during Katie and Jimmy's first date?
Happy Meals
Hot dogs
15. What happens after the following line of dialogue? "My brother and sister blamed me for their death and they forced me to work for them, like a slave."
Chazz whispers from the bush, "Grab her boobies now!"
Jimmy and Katie kiss
Katie dumps a sno-cone on Jimmy's head
Katie runs away, crying
16. Chazz is a member of what addiction recovery group?
Alcoholics Anonymous
Friends of the Green Fairy
Sex Addicts Anonymous
You'll Never Catch the Dragon
17. Who has a cameo as the group leader of Sex Addicts Anonymous?
Luke Wilson
Owen Wilson
Steve Carell
Vince Vaughn
18. Chazz states that if he went to a Halloween party, he would go dressed as what?
Dean Martin
Frank Sinatra
19. Who is the mascot of the World Wintersport Games XX?
20. When Chazz gets into a cab to go to the World Wintersport Games, who is his driver?
Nancy Kerrigan
21. What are Stranz and Fairchild's costumes for the competition?
Batman and Robin
Elvis and Priscilla Presley
Ike and Tina Turner
Marilyn Monroe and JFK
22. Chazz and Stranz have the slowest chase scene in movie history. What slows them down?
They're both carrying their luggage
They're both in Snowflake costumes
They're handcuffed to one another
They're wearing ice skates - but not on the ice
23. Who gets an arrow through the head?
A Canadian mountie played by Andy Richter
Scott Hamilton
24. Who catches Chazz's jock strap?
Katarina Witt
Michelle Kwan
Sacha Baron Cohen
Sasha Cohen
25. Which of these is *not* a tattoo representing a chapter in Chazz's life?
A flaming yin-yang representing Michelle Kwan
A genie in a bottle, representing Christina Aguilera
A woman riding a horse, representing Oksana Baiul
A tattoo of Jimmy, representing Jimmy

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