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How Well Do You Know: Friday Night Lights, Season 1
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Friday Night Lights Season 1 quiz

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1. "Eyes Wide Open": The indomitable Mrs. Williams walks in on Smash making out with someone. Who was the unfortunate girl that Mrs. Williams chased away?
One of the nameless Rally Girls
2. "Eyes Wide Open": After convincing Eric that she should get a job, Mrs. Coach went and got herself a Dillon High. What was it?
Art teach
Civics teacher
Guidance counselor
Vice Principal
3. "Wind Sprints": Lyla hounds Riggins because:
He keeps fooling around with various members of the cheerleading squad
He won't go visit Street in the hospital
His grades make it likely that he'll be kicked off the team
He keeps showing up drunk at practice
4. "Wind Sprints": Ray "Voodoo" Tatum and his family arrived in Dillon after being relocated from:
New York
5. "Who's Your Daddy": During Rivalry Week, some of the Arnett Meade players vandalized the Dillon locker room. In retaliation, some of the Panthers smashed the Arnett Meade QB's car, which led to _______ getting jumped and roughed up:
Voodoo Tatum
6. "Who's Your Daddy": Hosting a party for the team that far exceeded their expectations, Tami and Eric hashed out their frustrated feelings during the gathering:
In the linen closet
Under their dining room table
In the guest bathroom
In the garage
7. "Git 'Er Done": Ray "Voodoo" Tatum's career with the Dillon Panthers lasted:
One season
One game
One half
Tatum never actually suited up for Dillon
8. "El Accidente": Eric had to kick Bobby Reyes, the Panthers' star defensive player, off the team because of this infraction:
9. "Homecoming": As alternative programming to the Homecoming dance, Tyra threw a huge party after the game. Who helped her plan the event?
Billy Riggins
10. "Crossing the Line": On the verge of Julie dating Matt Saracen, Coach has "the talk" with his daughter as they:
Watched game tape
Washed the car
Shopped for groceries
Played ping-pong
11. "Full Hearts": For the first time, we hear Coach Taylor refer to Landry as this name:
12. "Full Hearts": Many, many things go wrong during Matt's first date with Julie. Which of the following is not one of them?
While Landry watches her, Matt's grandmother locks herself in the closet
The movie the pair attempt to see is sold out
Coach insists on chaperoning the date
Julie's mother forces her to change her chosen attire
13. "It's Different for Girls": Smash becomes reacquainted with a girl, a preacher's daughter, who has the same name of which brand of cracker?
14. "It's Different for Girls": What was Eric's first clue that Smash was using steroids?
Smash collapsed after a practice
He saw Smash having a bad nosebleed
He caught Smash injecting himself
He found syringes in Smash's locker
15. "Nevermind": Tami grows concerned about Riggins's academics. Who becomes Tim's English tutor?
Becky the Rally Girl
16. "Little Girl I Wanna Marry You": Which was true of Smash's drug use coming to light?
His sister found the drugs
Coach reported him to the athletic commission
Smash was suspended from a game that would decide if Dillon made the playoffs
Smash said that Riggins had given him the drugs
17. "Upping the Ante": Riggins had to track down his father, and found him engaged in this activity in which the two participated in later in the episode:
Throwing darts
Playing golf
Visiting a strip club
Hustling pool
18. "Blinders": This episode dealth with divisive racial issues in Dillon, but we'll instead ask a question about the powder-puff game.

Tyra and Julie are forced to play powder-puff to make up for ditching classes. Who were the coaches for the two games?
Landry and Matt
Landry and Riggins
Matt and Riggins
Coach Taylor and Tami
19. "Black Eyes and Broken Hearts": The racial tensions that had been building in Dillon and through the team were resolved when:
Mac barred any of the white players from taking the field for a playoff game until the black players joined them
Mac prevented Smash from being arrested
Mac submitted his resignation
Coach Taylor fired Mac
20. "I Think We Should Have Sex": Matt and Julie go to this location to have sex, but refrain from going all the way:
Under the bleachers
In Matt's bedroom, while Landry entertains Matt's grandmother
A suite at the Dillon Inn
A lake house
21. "Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes": While the Father/Daughter dance was going on, Lyla, who just found out her father had been unfaithful multiple times:
Attended the dance with her father anyway
Attended the dance with Street
Drove a car into her father's dealership
Went on a drinking binge
22. "Mud Bowl": Not able to play the semi-final game at Hermann Field, Eric moves the game to:
The "visiting" team's field
A field halfway between the two schools
The University of Texas field
A cow pasture
23. How did word of Eric accepting the TMU job get out?
Tami let it slip when talking to the mayor
Julie told the school newspaper
Eric told Buddy Garrity who then told the rest of the boosters
A reporter asked Eric about it in front of the team at State
24. "State": Which of the following took Coach's decision to leave for TMU most personally?
25. "State": With Eric accepting the TMU offer and Tami pregnant, the plan for the Taylor family was:
All would move to Austin so Eric could coach TMU
Eric would move to Austin, Tami and Julie would stay in Dillon
Eric and Julie would move to Austin, Tami would stay in Dillon
All would stay in Dillon

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