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How Well Do You Know: Friday Night Lights, Season 1: Pilot
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Friday Night Lights Pilot quiz

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1. "This is life....this isn't Maxim magazine..."
Who said it?
Eric Taylor
Billy Riggins
Jason Street
2. A recruiter is visiting with Street's parents in the stands. What school does he represent?
Notre Dame
Florida State
Penn State
3. In his interview with the film crew, Smash Williams is decidedly touchy when he is asked about:
His professional football aspirations
The death of his father
Whether or not Riggins is a better player than he is
Whether or not Eric Taylor should have been given the head coaching job
4. During the first practice, Riggins underperforms dramatically. Why?
He is hung over
He is down in the dumps, as Tyra just dumped him
Coach Taylor has had him running Stadium Stairs
He crashed his truck on the way to practice
5. At the restaurant, Smash boasts that he'll be able to endorse both:
Microsoft and Apple
Nike and Addidas
ESPN and Fox Sports Net
6. When Saracen and Landry approach Julie Taylor at the restaurant, she blows them off because:
Landry once dumped her
She'll only date first-stringers
She won't date football players
She thinks they're both pretty funny looking
7. Mrs. Coach is upset with her husband, as he forgot to tell her that he agreed that they'd appear at the opening of:
Car dealership
Movie theater
Fast food joint
Dry cleaner
8. When Lyla mock-interviews Jason, she punctuates each of his responses by saying:
That's what she said
Straight from the mouth of QB1
Then you must kiss me
That's the word on the Street
9. Browsing real estate listings, Tami sashays sexily as she extols the virtue of:
Swimming pools
His and hers closets
Location, location, location
A two-car garage
10. Julie cites this great literary work as an allegory for Dillon:
A Tale of Two Cities
Treasure Island
Moby Dick
War and Peace
11. Who asks Jason, "Do you think God loves football?"
The Dillon mayor
Coach Taylor
A pee-wee football player
12. In his "Texas Forever" speech, Riggins surmises that after Jason finishes with his NFL career, the two friends will own a _________ together:
Car dealership
Movie studio
13. Who did Dillon play in its first game?
Arnett Meade
Dallas Carter
14. The primary color of Dillon's home uniforms is:
15. Jason Street was paralyzed when:
He was sacked
He was hit late after throwing a pass
He was trying to recover a fumble
He was trying to tackle after an interception
16. Matt Saracen's first pass in the game:
Slipped from his hand and was ruled a fumble
Was intercepted
Hit one of his own linemen in the helmet
Went for a touchdown
17. Dillon needed two touchdowns to win the game. They were scored on:
A Riggins run and an returned onsides kick
An interception and a returned onsides kick
A Smash Williams run and a Saracen pass
A Riggins run and a Saracen pass
18. After the game, who leads the teams gathered at midfield in prayer?
Coach Taylor
19. Which character was portrayed by an actor who appeared in the film version of Friday Night Lights?
Tyra Collette
Eric Taylor
Matt Saracen
Buddy Garrity
20. As the episode closes, who comforts Lyla in the hallway of the hospital?

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