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How Well Do You Know: NFL Draft Trivia
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NFL Draft Trivia quiz

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1. Let's start with a goofy/sophomoric one. NFL scouting reports oftentimes refer to players as having "bubble butts". For which position is a bubble butt a huge plus? (Yes, I have the emotional maturity of a 12-year-old.)
Offensive tackle
Tight end
Wide receiver
2. Which of these phenomenal players was not an overall #1 pick in the draft. We're not talking first rounders here. We're talking about the first name off the board.
Troy Aikman
Peyton Manning
Orlando Pace
Barry Sanders
3. Tony Mandarich is one of the all-time biggest NFL draft busts. Anyone who has watched video of his college interviews would swear he's the "Before" face in an acne commercial. Which current NFC North team overlooked his obvious steroid abuse and drafted him #2 overall, ahead of Barry Sanders?
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers
Minnesota Vikings
4. During the legendary 2004 NFL Draft, future two-time Super Bowl winning QB Ben Roethlisberger was the last person left in the green room prior to being selected #11 overall by Pittsburgh. Which of these quarterbacks was taken ahead of Roethlisberger that year?
J.P. Losman
Eli Manning
Philip Rivers
Manning and Rivers but not Losman
5. Which of these much less accomplished players was the only one taken after Ben Roethlisberger in 2004?
Michael Clayton
Robert Gallery
Reggie Williams
Kellen Winslow II
6. Which of these WRs was not a first round draft pick by Indianapolis?
Anthony Gonzalez
Marvin Harrison
Reggie Wayne
They were all first round picks (take that, Detroit Lions!)
7. The Indianapolis Colts have drafted an offensive player with their first round pick in 10 out of the last 15 years. Who was the last defensive player they took in the first round?
Dwight Freeney
Marlin Jackson
Bob Sanders
The Colts have players on defense? Since when?
8. Proving that a great QB can come from anywhere in the draft, how many draft picks of difference are there between where Peyton Manning was selected and where Tom Brady was selected?
9. If you didn't know, Tom Brady was drafted #199 in the sixth round. The man with whom he split snaps at Michigan, Drew Henson, a later NFL washout, was drafted where?
He was undrafted, because he was a New York Yankee at the time.
10. Perhaps the most famous recent player for draft pick trade involved Randy Moss changing jerseys to become a New England Patriot. What did his new team give up in exchange for the rights to Moss?
A first round pick
A fourth round pick
A seventh round pick
Whatever they gave up to Oakland, it was totally worth it to the Raiders to get rid of Moss.
11. What had the Raiders previously given up in their trade with the Minnesota Vikings to acquire Randy Moss?
The #7 overall pick
A seventh round pick
Napoleon Harris
All of the above
12. Now, let's talk draft busts. Which of these was not a #1 overall player in the draft?
LaVar Arrington
Courtney Brown
Ki-Jana Carter
Tim Couch
13. The first three players off the board in the 1999 draft were all quarterbacks. Which of these players was not one of those three?
Tim Couch
Daunte Culpepper
Donovan McNabb
Akili Smith
14. My wife likes to point out that she has the same number of college starts as this player, zero. Despite not starting a single game in college, this quarterback was still selected in the seventh round of the draft. Who pulled off this highly unlikely feat?
Derek Anderson
Matt Cassel
Brad Smith
Kurt Warner
15. Over the last three years (2006-2008), statistics show that this NFL team has seen the smallest percentage of drafted players make their team.
Detroit Lions
Indianapolis Colts
New England Patriots
St. Louis Rams
16. Shockingly, the answer to that last question was the Patriots. Continuing that theme that even the best teams miss a lot, which of these disappointing players is not a first or second round draft pick of the Patriots over the past five years?
Marquise Hill
Chad Jackson
Brandon Meriweather
Samson Satele
17. Focusing on the positive, the reigning Defensive Rookie of the year, Jerod Mayo (go Vols!), was a first round pick for the Patriots. Which team did they fleece in the prior year's draft to get this pick and whom did that team foolishly feel was a better choice than the #10 pick the following year?
Dallas Cowboys/Anthony Spencer
Indianapolis Colts/Tony Ugoh
Jacksonville Jaguars/Reggie Nelson
San Francisco/Joe Staley
18. Bill Polian is arguably the most successful draft evaluator of the past ten years in terms of avoiding busts. Which of these was not a first round pick of the Colts?
Dallas Clark
Dwight Freeney
Edgerrin James
Robert Mathis
19. Also in the discussion for best drafters of the past decade are the Baltimore Ravens, who firmly believe in building a dominant defense through the draft. Which of these was not a first round draft pick of the Ravens?
Ray Lewis
Ed Reed
Bart Scott
Terrell Suggs
20. Prior to his decision to make mortal enemies of man's best friend, Michael Vick was the #1 overall pick of the Atlanta Falcons in 2001. Whom did the Falcons (effectively) trade in order to move up from their spot at #5?
Reche Caldwell
Tim Dwight
Ladanian Tomlinson
All of the above
21. Three years later, San Diego made a similar trade with the New York Giants when Eli Manning refused to play for the Chargers. Which of these Pro Bowl players did not wind up being part of that amazing trade?
Nate Kaeding
Shawne Merriman
Philip Rivers
Michael Turner
22. Which of these superstars was not a first round draft pick in the 2000s?
Anquan Boldin
Larry Fitzgerald
Albert Haynesworth
Adrian Peterson
23. Which of these current Pro Bowl players was picked prior to round four?
Jared Allen
Nnamdi Asomugha
Brandon Marshall
Michael Turner
24. Proving that there are always diamonds in the rough, which of these 2009 Pro Bowl players was the only one actually drafted?
Cortland Finnegan
James Harrison
Jason Peters
Kurt Warner
25. In fantasy football drafts, I am known as Crazy David due to my affinity to work any deal I can in order to get my fix. Which NFL team operates similarly, making the most Draft Day trades of anyone in the 2000s?
Baltimore Ravens
Indiapolis Colts
New England Patriots
Tennessee Titans

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