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How Well Do You Know: Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
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Dodgeball quiz

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1. Peter has 30 days to come up with what sum, or else he'll lose Average Joe's?
2. Peter and his gang watch an old filmstrip featuring Patches O'Houlihan. What was the name of the boy in the film?
Little Wally
3. Each of the following is one of the "Five D's" of dodgeball. Which is repeated as the fifth?
4. In the regional qualifying round, Average Joe's seemingly lost to a troop of Girl Scouts. Why was Average Joe's allowed to advance?
One of the Girl Scouts was a boy
The Girl Scouts used unapproved balls
One of the Girl Scouts tested positive for steroids
One of the Girl Scouts didn't have a properly signed permission slip
5. Which of the following was not the name of a member of the Globo Gym dodgeball team?
6. What was the name of the Globo Gym team?
Delta Strike Force
The Black Mambas
The Purple Cobras
7. In his initial training session with Average Joe's, Patches hurls what unusual implement at the fellas?1
Been can
Hub cap
"If you can dodge a ______, you can dodge a ball"
8. According to a Globo Gym slogan, "We're better than you:"
And we know it
Until you become one of us
And always will be
'Cause you're ugly
9. Why did White fire Kate?
He found out she was dating Peter
He suspected her of corporate espionage
So he could date her
She threatened to sue him
10. What magazine did Gordon (Stephen Root) constantly have with him, and which was the inspiration for playing dodgeball to raise the money for Average Joe's?
Timewaster Weekly
Obscure Sports Quarterly
Readers' Digest
Unlikely Games Illustrated
11. What city hosted the International Dodgeball Open?
Las Vegas
Atlantic City
12. What was the nickname of the television network that televised the Dodgeball Open?
The Ocho
The Max
Channel Five
13. Which of the following was not a team featured in the Open, yet which was never actually shown in competition?
Cops -N- Robbers
Clown Punchers
14. The Dodgeball Dancers wore outfits of what color?
15. In their first game in the Open, Average Joe's had to wear uniforms originally intended for:
A team of convicts
A S&M-themed team
A team of lawyers
A team of nudists
16. Which does not describe a team that either Average Joe's or Globo Gym defeated in the Open?
17. In the semi-finals, Average Joe's stared defeat squarely in the face as they were in a 5-on-1 deficit? Who was the lone who single-handedly achieved a fury-fueled victory?
Steve the Pirate
18. Patches met his end as he was crushed by a ton of irony in the form of:
A "Luck of the Irish" pub sign
A billboard advertising wheelchairs
A truck full of wrenches
A slot machine
19. What was the amount that White gave Peter to buy out Average Joe's?
20. When Owen from Average Joe's sees Fran from Globo Gym, we know it's true love, as this song plays:
Lady in Red
Unchained Melody
Every Breath You Take
Wonderful Tonight
21. The two men who call the action at the Open for television have which agricultural names?
Lemon and Apple
Cotton and Pepper
Barley and Peaches
Sorghum and Melon
22. Which celebrity does not make a cameo in the film?
Lance Armstrong as himself
William Shatner as the chancellor
David Hassellhoff as the German coach
David Carradine as Tournament Committee Member #3
23. Which Average Joe's member does not participate in the final match against Globo Gym?
Steve the Pirate
24. Peter's victory in the final mano-a-mano face-off against White was all the more unlikely in that:
He had both hands tied behind his back
He kept his back to White the whole time
He was blindfolded
He never touched his ball
25. Which surprising (?) revelation was made in the celebration after the final?
Steve the Pirate was actually a pirate
Kate actually was a lesbian - well, bisexual at any rate
White was actually Peter's father
Average Joe's was actually built over an oil deposit

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