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How Well Do You Know: Basketball (in the) Movies
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Basketball movies quiz

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1. Which NBA legend was not part of the dreaded Monstars team in Space Jam?

2. Which underrated NBA star of the 1980s played one of the title roles in Amazing Grace and Chuck?
Rod Strickland
Alex English
Adrian Dantley
Dennis Johnson
3. Who, according to Chick Hearn, was "actually 6'5" with the afro, 6'9"?
Irwin Fletcher
Carl Spackler
James Francis Ryan
Question courtesy of Jim Van Nest
4. In White Men Can't Jump, Junior (Kadeem Hardison) was stoked to go to which restaurant, if only Sidney could have beaten Billy Hoyle in their shooting contest:
Red Lobster
Grandma's Buffet Palace
White Castle
5. "So, Kareem rebounds, feeds Worthy on the break, over to A.C., to Magic, back to Worthy in the lane and Boom...two points." Which action film contains this play-by-play account of Showtime?
The Last Boy Scout
Die Hard
6. What fictional collegiate team was at the center of Blue Chips?
Eastern Kentucky Regulators
Central State Tigers
Western University Dolphins
Southern Massachusetts Longshoremen
7. "Listen, kid. I've been hearing that crap ever since I was at UCLA. I'm out there busting my buns every night. Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes." What was the name of the character that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played in Airplane?
8. Which red-clad team was the nemesis for Scott's Beavers in Teen Wolf?
9. Ben Stiller gets a face full of nasty playing some tenacious D:

in which film?
The Royal Tenebaums
Meet the Parents
Along Came Polly
10. What Pac-10 school did Quincy and Monica play ball at in Love and Basketball?
Oregon State
Arizona State
11. Brian Dennehy *is* Bobby Knight in the ESPN movie A Season on the Brink. Which noted sports writer penned the book on which the movie was based?
John Feinstein
Dick Schaap
Mitch Albom
George Plimpton
12. Which pair starred as coach and player in a 2001 film loosely based on a Shakespeare play?
Jon Voight & Tyson Beckford
Martin Sheen & Mekhi Phifer
Donald Sutherland & Taye Diggs
Jeff Bridges & Ludacris
13. In Hoosiers, prior to coming to Hickory, Norman Dale had been a legendary collegiate coach at what school?
Holy Cross
14. With which other mayhem factory did Dennis Rodman double-team in 1997's Double Team?
Steven Seagal
Sylvester Stallone
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Chuck Norris
15. What was the alliterative name of the disgraced fictitious NBA player who became Juwanna Mann?
Tony Tyrone
Alphonso Albert
Jamal Jeffries
Sterling Stark
16. What were the last names of the two teens profiled the acclaimed documentary Hoop Dreams?
Brown & Fererra
Glint & Reynolds
Gates & Agee
Stanley & Manson
17. What was the somewhat ironic name of the Flint, Michigan team for which Jackie Moon was player/owner in Semi-Pro?
18. Which US city completed the title of the 1979 film starring Dr. J., The Fish that Saved......
19. If you were like me, after seeing Air Bud, you went straight to the nearest animal shelter to acquire for yourself one of these, the breed of dog that Bud was1.
St. Bernard
Golden retriever
1And then realized after a number of frustrating workouts the pooch couldn't even box out much less score from long range
20. Which of these NBA stars did *not* appear in 2002's Like Mike?
Gary Payton
David Robinson
Michael Jordan
Alonzo Mourning
21. To which diminutive NBA player did referee Mickey Gordon (Billy Crystal) say, "You're the only one I can talk to?" in Forget Paris
Kevin Johnson
Robert Pack
Mugsy Bogues
Spudd Webb
22. Which pair of actors both played coaches in "based-on-a-true-story" basketball movies?
Christopher Reeve & Robert DeNiro
Josh Lucas & Samuel L. Jackson
Kevin James & Matthew McCounaghey
Christopher Walken & Laurence Fishburne
23. The doom of which NBA franchise was foretold about 10 years before it happened, as the team was the basis for the Whoopi Goldberg movie Eddie?
Seattle Supersonics
New York Knicks
Golden State Warriors
Los Angeles Clippers
24. Which member of the 2007-08 NBA champion Boston Celtics garnered good reviews when he appeared as Jesus Shuttlesworth in the 1998 Spike Lee joint movie He Got Game?

25. That Championship Season looks back at the fictional Fillmore High School team which won the 1975 Pennsylvania state basketball championship. The star of which horror movie wrote the original play and directed the 1982 film version?
The Exorcist
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Army of Darkness

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