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2011-2012 NFL Playoffs 1/2/12 62.28%[15.57/25]        Comments
You may know the Ravens' John...err....Jim? John? Harbaugh from....whoever the hell coaches the 49ers, but how well do you know the 2011-12 NFL Playoffs?
Teen Wolf 5/31/11 76.08%[19.02/25]        Comments
More than half a decade before Taylor Lautner was even born, Michael J. Fox was the original Teen Wolf.
Fighter, The: 5/3/11 73.68%[18.42/25]        Comments
He has to struggle with expectations, his own limitations and competing influences of his girlfriend, his handlers and his family.
MLB Mascots 3/30/11 60.30%[12.06/20]        Comments
Major League Baseball mascots run the gamut from the classic to the slightly goofy. But how well do you know the names of the mascots?
2011 March Madness Trivia Quiz 3/15/11 37.60%[9.40/25]        Comments
The field has been expanded, the match-ups have been announced, your brackets have been completed, trashed and completed again.
Million Dollar Baby 2/23/11 43.62%[11.34/26]        Comments
Maggie seeks out the toughest trainer around - a man who is looking for forgiveness. Go 26 rounds to see how well you know Million Dollar Baby.
Jerry Maguire 2/10/11 64.88%[16.22/25]        Comments
A sports agent with a guilty conscience writes a mission statement that forever changes his life.
Sports Movies: Opponents in The Big Game 2/3/11 52.50%[10.50/20]        Comments
Sports movies often culminate in The Big Game, where the character of the film's central athlete or team is put to the ultimate test.
Sandlot, The: 1/29/11 79.08%[19.77/25]        Comments
Grab your bat and glove and get ready for some baseball! Meet the boys of the Sandlot along with newbie Scotty Smalls.
Cool Runnings 1/8/11 69.70%[13.94/20]        Comments
Cool Runnings is the loosely-based true story of the first and only, Jamaican bobsled team. Meet four Jamaicans who are not going to let a little thing like ice and snow keep them from winning the gold
Karate Kid (2010), The: 12/18/10 73.27%[21.98/30]        Comments
This version moved the action to China and brought updated the 1984 story for a new generation of fans.
League Of Their Own, A 11/9/10 79.16%[19.79/25]        Comments
Based on a true story, when the boys go off to fight in the war, the girls stay home and play ball.
NBA Mascots 10/21/10 67.20%[13.44/20]        Comments
They're the (mostly) amazingly athletic and (sometimes) oddly costumed mascots of the National Basketball Association.
Friday Night Lights, Season 4 8/9/10 81.80%[20.45/25]        Comments
Gone or moving on were several series favorites, replaced by a new slate of terrific young talent.
2010 World Cup 7/11/10 62.48%[15.62/25]        Comments
It's all here: fast kickin', low scorin', and ties? You got 'em!
Karate Kid, The: 6/8/10 70.57%[21.17/30]        Comments
A teenage boy, thrashed frequently by karate-wielding badasses, learns karate from a quite old maintenance man.
Simpsons: Homer at the Bat, The: 6/3/10 74.40%[11.16/15]        Comments
In Homer at the Bat, Homer finds his groove on the softball diamond...that is, until Mr. Burns brings in an army of MLB All-Stars as ringers.
For Love of the Game 6/2/10 75.24%[18.81/25]        Comments
As the curtain closes on his career, aging pitcher Billy Chapel recalls his time in baseball and the love of his life as he almost unwittingly pitches a perfect game.
Blind Side, The: 5/18/10 70.00%[21.00/30]        Comments
Sandra Bullock won theOscar for her portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy. Tuohy and her family take in Michael Oher, a troubled teen who just about everyone has given up on.
Friday Night Lights 5/6/10 69.92%[17.48/25]        Comments
When the adaptation of H. G. Bissinger's book Friday Night Lights came to the big screen, we didn't know what we were in for.
2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament Recap 4/6/10 68.76%[17.19/25]        Comments
The 2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament had everything you could have wanted: drama, thrills, shocking upsets, even a fantastic final game.
Baseball Movie Quotes 4/1/10 69.48%[17.37/25]        Comments
Not only has baseball served as the backdrop for plenty of great movies, but quotations in those movies have secured a permanent place in our pop culture consciousness.
2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament Participants 3/16/10 67.12%[16.78/25]        Comments
You may know the Terriers from the Bulldogs and the Gaels from the Hoyas, but how well do you know the teams in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament?
March Madness 3/16/10 41.73%[12.52/30]        Comments
The NCAA tournament is a glorious series of human interest stories merging into one spectacular competition where fame is just a single buzzer beater away.
Rocky Movie Quotes 11/19/09 65.16%[16.29/25]        Comments
The Rocky films hold a number of quotable lines. Some are instantly recognizable, some are more difficult to place.
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