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How Well Do You Know: Football (in the) Movies
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Football movies quiz

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1. In Any Given Sunday, which actor played the quarterback who was replaced in the Sharks' lineup by Jamie Foxx's Willie "Steamin'" Beamen?
Dennis Quaid
LL Cool J
Aaron Eckhart
James Woods
2. A whipped cream bikini was employed by a seduction-minded cheerleader in which high school football film?
Remember the Titans
Varsity Blues
All the Right Moves
By way of explanation.....
*Nobody* gets this question wrong
3. Which of the following current/former wrestlers/football players did not appear as a guard in the remake of The Longest Yard?
Bill Romanowski
Steve Austin
Triple H
Brian Bosworth
4. "Since 1975, no other Notre Dame football player has ever been carried off the field." Who was the last person to be carried off?
George Gipp
Casey Sinclair
Daniel Ruettiger
Joe Theismann
5. "Didn't anybody have anything better to do that day?" During what bowl game did Shane Falco have a disastrous performance?
Sugar Bowl
Cotton Bowl
Orange Bowl
Peach Bowl
6. Cuba Gooding, Jr. began his run of sterling film roles with his Oscar-winning performance as Rod Tidwell in Jerry Maguire. Tidwell played for the:
7. During training camp, Herman Boone led his team on a middle-of-the night run to which unlikely location?
A hospital
An orphanage
A bowling alley
A Civil War battleground site
8. Mary Jensen/Matthews's statement: "What did I tell you the first time we met? I'm a Niners fan!" was an indirect diss of what real-life NFL player?
John Elway
Warren Moon
Brett Favre
Joe Namath
9. Which football movie featured a controversial scene, duplicated by teenagers in real life with tragic results, in which teammates lie down on the line separating lanes of traffic as cars pass by them?
All the Right Moves
The Program
By way of explanation.....
The scene was cut from later releases of the film
10. Which journalist's attempt to join the 1963 Detroit Lions' training camp was recounted in the film Paper Lion?
Frank DeFord
Tony Kornheiser
Dick Schaap
George Plimpton
11. The team central to which football film was called the Armadillos?
Air Bud: Golden Receiver
Necessary Roughness
The Waterboy
12. What NFL great played film characters,with such colorful names as Geronimo, Montezuma, Fireball and Slaughter, but probably did his best work in a 1967 film playing a man named Robert?
O.J. Simpson
Jim Brown
Bubba Smith
Merlin Olsen
By way of explanation.....
We're referring to Brown's role as Robert Jefferson in The Dirty Dozen
13. If you're like us, when you think of football, your mind automatically goes to Saturday Night Live alum Rob Schneider. Which is not one of the unusually high number of football flicks that Rob has appeared in?
The Program
The Waterboy
The Longest Yard (2004)
Necessary Roughness
14. Having been altered slightly so as to not give away the answer, this:

is part of the poster from which football flick?
Any Given Sunday
Gridiron Gang
15. Which of the following football films did not center around a team located in Texas?
Friday Night Lights
North Dallas Forty
Necessary Roughness
16. High school running back phenom James Miles was better known by what nickname?
Crazy Legs
Sweet Baby
By way of explanation.....
Derek Luke was stellar as Boobie Miles in Friday Night Lights
17. The ESPN production The Junction Boys is an account of Bear Bryant's time as head coach at which university?
Texas A&M
Penn State
18. What were the primary colors of the football jerseys of the team in Lucas?
Blue and red
Green and yellow
Black and white
Red and white
19. Billy Cole's last words, after scoring a touchdown and before shooting himself dead, were:
Touchdown, suckers
Ain't life a bitch
Act like you've been there before
Good game, ref
By way of explanation.....
From the movie The Last Boy Scout
20. Which does not correctly match the football movie to the decade in which it was set?
We Are Marshall - 1950s
Brian's Song - 1960s
Leatherheads - 1920s
Invincible - 1970s
By way of explanation.....
The action in We Are Marshall took place following the 1970 plane crash
21. Warren Beatty's Heaven Can Wait featured a fictitious Superbowl matchup between the teams that actually met in which real-life Superbowl?
XXV (Giants vs Bills)
XI (Raiders vs Vikings)
XII (Broncos vs Cowboys)
XIV (Rams vs Steelers)
22. Invincible depicted the struggles facing Vince Papale as he tried to make an NFL team which is currently in the:
AFC South
AFC West
NFC East
NFC North
23. Which does not correctly match the actor who played a quarterback to the actor who played his coach in the same film?
Craig Sheffer - James Caan
Wesley Snipes - Goldie Hawn
Kip Pardue - Denzel Washington
Keanu Reeves - Gene Hackman
By way of explanation.....
The quarterback in Wildcasts was played by Mykelti Williamson, not by Snipes
24. Which film dealt with a player who had the nickname The Grey Ghost?
Gridiron Gang
Paper Lion
Everybody's All-American
25. Which future sitcom actress starred as the title character in the 1983 film Quarterback Princess?
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Helen Hunt
Sarah Jessica Parker
Laura San Giacomo

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