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How Well Do You Know: Baseball (in the) Movies
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Baseball movies quiz

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Ok I need to watch more movies
littlemissyison 8/23/18 11:57 am

Keep trying
littlemissyison 8/23/18 11:57 am

This is hard
littlemissyison 8/23/18 11:58 am

Here we go again
littlemissyison 8/23/18 11:58 am

I'm tryin to win this for work
littlemissyison 8/23/18 11:59 am

littlemissyison 8/23/18 11:59 am

littlemissyison 8/23/18 11:59 am

littlemissyison 8/23/18 11:59 am

What can I do to see the answers'
littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:00 pm

keep moving
littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:00 pm

No More
littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:00 pm

littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:00 pm

Use your phone
littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:00 pm

littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:01 pm

littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:01 pm

littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:01 pm

littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:01 pm

littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:01 pm

littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:01 pm

littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:02 pm

littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:02 pm

littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:02 pm

Life goes on
littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:02 pm

mom is funny
littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:02 pm

Baseball is number one!
littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:03 pm

never again
littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:04 pm

littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:04 pm

littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:04 pm

littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:04 pm

littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:06 pm

I love it
littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:08 pm

Hang in there
littlemissyison 8/23/18 12:09 pm


1. Which of these baseball movies does not include Kevin Costner in the cast?

2. Which actor played an aspiring ballplayer whose professional hopes were almost stalled by a faulty highway speed detector?
Dennis Quaid
John Goodman
Wesley Snipes
Paul Newman
3. His parents named him Lawrence Davis, but his friends call him...
4. Finish this quote: "Today, I consider myself..."
the luckiest man on the face of the Earth.
more popular than A-Rod.
too drunk to pitch.
wildly underpaid and in need of a contract renegotiation. (Seriously, baseball needs a new Lou Gehrig)
5. Which baseball movie sees a little girl almost die from choking on a hot dog?
Angels in the Outfield
Bad News Bears (2005)
Bull Durham
Field of Dreams
6. In Fever Pitch's American adaptation, the main character's love of all things Arsenal soccer was replaced by obsessive fandom toward this baseball team.

7. "You trying to say ____________ can't hit a curveball?"
Joe DiMaggio
Fidel Castro
Jesus Christ
The Dalai Lama
8. What does Cleveland Indians catcher Jake Taylor do in his final plate appearance in Major League?
Gets beaned by The Duke
9. Al Capone in The Untouchables eloquently espoused which two sides of a baseball dichotomy (before bashing in the head of one of his henchmen with a bat)?
A game that celebrates hundreds of feet often coming down to a few inches
That a game celebrated for its statistics is eternal because of its intangibles
Individual effort vs team achievement
The starter versus the closer
10. This:

is part of the movie poster for which baseball film?
Field of Dreams
Bang the Drum Slowly
Eight Men Out
Agnels in the Outfield
11. Which cartoon character lead the Tea Totallers over the Gas-House Gorillas in a 1946 cartoon short?
Mickey Mouse
Bugs Bunny
Fritz the Cat
Betty Boop
12. Which of these baseball players did not make an appearance in Field of Dreams?
Eddie Cicotte
Ty Cobb
Shoeless Joe Jackson
Buck Weaver
13. Michael Moriarty is best known for his work on Law & Order, but he was also the star of this baseball movie:
The Bad News Bears (1976)
The Bad News Bears Break Training (1977)
Bang the Drum Slowly
The Fan
14. Who could forget Ed, the movie about a baseball-playing monkey.

Which television star played the monkey's sidekick?
Matt LeBlanc
Matthew Perry
Charlie Sheen
Kiefer Sutherland
15. For what fictional minor league team did Montgomery Brewster pitch?
Mudville Nine
Hackensack Bulls
The Springfield Isotopes
None of the Above - Get it? None of nevermind...go watch it again.
16. In The Naked Gun, which of the following was *not* one of the announcers at the Angels/Mariners game?
Dick Vitale
Dr. Joyce Brothers
Henry Kissinger
Dick Enberg
17. In The Natural, what replaced Wonderboy?
The Savoy Special
The Manhattan Mauler
The Big Blue Bat
The Lindhurst Limited
18. In For Love of the Game, Kevin Costner's character is attempting to pitch a perfect game at Yankee Stadium. For which team does he play?

19. Which rap song was key to the Keanu Reeves movie Hardball?
Big Poppa
Rapper's Delight
Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang
Jesus Walks
20. Tom Hanks' character in A League of Their Own was based on which Hall of Fame slugger?
Jimmie Foxx
Hank Greenberg
Mel Ott
Honus Wagner
21. In Damn Yankees, Joe Boyd wishes that his team could beat the titular enemy. Thanks to Mr. Applegate and Lola, he is able to make this happen. Who is Joe Boyd-Hardy's beloved team?
Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Sox
Detroit Tigers
Washington Senators
22. In The Sandlot, what was the name of the gargantuan dog next door?
The Babe
Cool Papa
Shoeless Joe
23. The romantic leads in Stealing Home are also:
The stars of 24 and Erin Brockovich
The stars of CSI: Miami and Maverick
The stars of NCIS and Contact
The stars of Two and a Half Men and Bridget Jones's Diary
24. Which team do Coop and Remer play for in BASEketball?
LA Riots
San Francisco Ferries
Milwaukee Beers
Miami Dealers
25. Though no connection was explicitly stated in the film, Wesley Snipe's portrayal of Bobby Rayburn in The Fan draws the closest parallels to which actual MLB star?
Sammy Sosa
Frank Robinson
Barry Bonds
Rod Carew

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