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How Well Do You Know: Bull Durham
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1. Aside from Buddha, Allah, Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, trees, and mushrooms, what does Annie Savoy say she has formerly tried worshipping?
Reverend Moon
The Porcelain God
Isadora Duncan
2. What did Millie's father donate to the Bulls?
The bull in right field
The scoreboard
Annie's wardrobe
The bats
3. What does Larry say makes a good wedding present?
Matching china
A nice picture frame
His and hers towels
4. According to Annie, how many beads are on a Catholic rosary (coincidentally, the same as the number of stitches in a baseball)?
5. Jose uses a chicken-bone cross to take a curse off his bat and get hits. What does he need to do to take the curse off his glove?
Give Jobu a drink
Breathe out of his eyelids
Cut the head off a live rooster
Ask his girlfriend to marry him
6. What is the radar gun reading on Ebby Calvin LaLoosh's first pitch in his professional debut?
90 mph
95 mph
100 mph
136 kmph
7. When a hitter hits the right field bull with a home run, its eyes light up, the tail wags and its nostrils snort smoke. What does the hitter get for hitting the bull?
A steak
A beer
A set of tires
8. What inflatable seat cushion is bench coach Larry deflating when Crash first shows up?
A Durham Bull
A hemorroid ring
Oscar Meyer weiners
A green circle
9. According to Nuke's song stylings, women get what?
All shook up
Loved forever
Time to heal
10. Where might there be an opening for a minor-league manager?
11. The ice skaters that the Bulls see unloading off the tour bus are with what show?
Fantasy on Ice
Ice Dancers, Inc.
Jimmy Buffet
The Ice Capades
12. What trade does Annie Savoy use as an example of bad trades being a part of baseball?
Frank Robinson for Milt Pappas
Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano
Jeff Bagwell for Larry Anderson
Tom Seaver for Pat Zachry
13. In his professional debut, how many times did Nuke hit the Bull mascot?
14. What is the dubious minor-league record for home runs that Crash Davis is chasing?
15. What did Larry sell before he started with the Durham coaching staff?
life insurance
Lady Kenmores
Maytag washing machines
The movie rights to Arli$$
16. What is Crash's "lesson #1" for Nuke?
"Never hit somebody with your pitching hand."
"You don't need a quadraphonic Blaupunkt, you need a curveball."
"Rose goes in front, big guy."
"Don't think, it can only hurt the ball club."
17. Who is the owner of the billiards hall that once hit .376 in Louisville?
Homer Simpson
Joe Gork
John Smith
Sandy Grimes
18. What team does Crash Davis end his playing career with?
The Ashville Tourists
The Norfolk Tides
The Cleveland Indians
The Durham Bulls
19. What number does Ebby Calvin LaLoosh wear?
20. What is the Bulls' record when the manager sets off on his "Lollygaggers!" rant?

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