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Every Monday brings a new edition of Overpaid Jerks, our weekly sports trivia quiz. Know which records were just recently set? Who's super-rich thanks to a new contract? Which team's mascot was just fired for pummeling a fan? Check in with us every Monday and prove you knowledge of sports news with Overpaid Jerks.

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1/8/18-1/14/18 1/15/18 46.20%[4.62/10]        Comments
Looking forward to the conference championships, the French Open, a Warriors loss and lots of points in Pittsburgh.
1/1/18-1/7/18 1/8/18 65.92%[7.91/12]        Comments
Chucky makes banks, a self-to-self TD pass, college basketball upsets and a lots of coaches are fired.
12/25/17-12/31/17 1/1/18 54.50%[6.54/12]        Comments
A playoff berth is botched, many assists are given, the League makes an odd decision and Nova goes down.
12/18/17-12/25/17 12/25/17 61.67%[7.40/12]        Comments
Great college basketball, a broadcasting legend, Pro Bowlers and an NFL thriller.
12/11/17-12/17/17 12/18/17 62.80%[6.28/10]        Comments
Your opportunity to buy a team, Care Bowl relevance, college hoops matchups and Saturday NFL action.
12/4/17-12/10/17 12/11/17 58.08%[6.97/12]        Comments
The last week in sports brought college basketball upsets, huge MLB news and a devastating NFL injury.
1/27/17-12/3/17 12/4/17 55.17%[6.62/12]        Comments
NFL playoffs are looming as the college football season draws to a close. See how well you've been paying attention to the wide, wide world of sports.
11/20/17-11/26/17 11/27/17 56.33%[6.76/12]        Comments
College football coaching madness, a historic shooting low, a wild comeback and a mysterious injury.
11/13/17-11/19/17 11/20/17 56.17%[6.74/12]        Comments
Defeat from the jaws of victory, breaking bobsledding news, foreign football and great college basketball.
11/6/17-11/12/17 11/13/17 57.50%[6.90/12]        Comments
A hero returns to the sidelines, TNF claims another victim, there's an SEC coaching vacancy and the Hurricanes roll big.
10/30/17-11/5/17 11/6/17 62.60%[6.26/10]        Comments
Proposing after the series, giving up a heck of a lot of points, good and bad records and the the playoff rankings.
10/23/17-10/29/17 10/30/17 56.17%[6.74/12]        Comments
A gruesome leg injury, extra innings, a big Big 10 matchup and a brawling Warrior.
10/12/17-10/22/17 10/23/17 64.33%[7.72/12]        Comments
The Falcons are a mess, but then again so are the Browns and Broncos. Commiserate with them in our weekly sports quiz.
10/9/17-10/15/17 10/16/17 56.75%[6.81/12]        Comments
Packers take a loss, a manager gets the boot, #2 is upset and Verlander is resplendent.
10/2/17-10/8/17 10/9/17 63.90%[6.39/10]        Comments
A college football record, angry, angry Yankees fans, a snorting coach and the battle of the winless highlight our weekly sports trivia set.
9/25/17-10/1/17 10/2/17 66.08%[7.93/12]        Comments
A basketball coach has been fired and a baseball manager won't return. Meanwhile, a home run record has been set. OPJ covers all the action.
9/18/17-9/24/17 9/25/17 60.80%[6.08/10]        Comments
NFL big-shots, a ranked team road test, a long game-winner and a defensive dufus.
9/11/17-9/17/17 9/18/17 53.90%[5.39/10]        Comments
Lots of NFL news, plus we check in on a baseball streak and see if the prayers of boxing fans were answered.
9/4/17-9/10/17 9/11/17 51.60%[5.16/10]        Comments
The NFL returns, one guy gets four homers, tennis milestones and more in our week sports recap quiz.
8/28/17-9/3/17 9/4/17 61.50%[7.38/12]        Comments
College football shockers, NFL cuts, the passing of a college legend and more in our weekly sports wrap-up.
8/21/17-8/27/17 8/28/17 67.40%[6.74/10]        Comments
Tom needs a new target. The Mariners need a lot more practice. We consider these topics and more in our weekly sporting news roundup.
8/14/17-8/20/17 8/21/17 64.20%[6.42/10]        Comments
Lots of baseball news, a college hoops signing, wrestling news and an NBA no-no.
8/7/17-8/13/17 8/14/17 67.90%[6.79/10]        Comments
An injury isn't as bad as it looks, while a star running back gets benched. Test your recent sporting news knowledge with our weekly quiz.
7/31/17-8/6/17 8/7/17 58.80%[5.88/10]        Comments
Pro football is back, coaches poll is back, pitchers going back back back.
7/24/17-7/30/17 7/30/17 54.60%[5.46/10]        Comments
An MLB hit king, a division lead change, Gold Cup soccer and a Patriot retirement.
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