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Every Monday brings a new edition of Overpaid Jerks, our weekly sports trivia quiz. Know which records were just recently set? Who's super-rich thanks to a new contract? Which team's mascot was just fired for pummeling a fan? Check in with us every Monday and prove you knowledge of sports news with Overpaid Jerks.

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8/6/18-8/12/18 8/13/18 60.40%[6.04/10]        Comments
A rare grand slam, a DUI, a program on the brink and the state of the PGA championship.
7/30/18-8/5/18 8/6/18 60.08%[7.21/12]        Comments
Controversial fashion, the AL East, preseason football and a new school in our weekly sports recap quiz.
7/23/18-7/29/18 7/30/18 58.20%[5.82/10]        Comments
Baseball highs and lows, a wrestling loss, the loss of a champion and a record running back in our weekly 2018 sports recap quiz.
7/16/18-7/22/18 7/23/18 68.00%[6.80/10]        Comments
MLB at and after the break, golf across the Atlantic and the team of the year.
7/9/18-7/15/18 7/16/18 61.00%[7.32/12]        Comments
Tennis, baseball, basketball and poker figure into our weekly review of recent sports news.
7/2/18-7/8/18 7/9/18 61.10%[6.11/10]        Comments
World Cup, MLB and NBA figure prominently into our weekly sports trivia quiz.
6/25/18-7/1/18 7/2/18 74.00%[7.40/10]        Comments
Excruciatingly fit athletes, soccer excitement, NBA awards and more in our latest quiz on recent sporting news.
6/18/18-6/24/18 6/25/18 63.70%[6.37/10]        Comments
Draft highs and lows, an unexpected coaching move and a quarterback in trouble.
6/11/18-6/17/18 6/18/18 67.60%[6.76/10]        Comments
Phil's a cheat and an idiot, Russia makes waves, and a MLB bright spot goes belly up.
6/4/18-6/10/18 6/11/18 68.80%[6.88/10]        Comments
French champions, a timeless race horse, the Stanley Cup and a College World Series.
5/28/18-6/3/18 6/4/18 61.30%[6.13/10]        Comments
LeBron and Steph, sports betting, missed 3s and baseball records.
5/21/18-5/28/18 5/28/18 60.10%[6.01/10]        Comments
Going for the Cup, French seeds, racing champs and more, all in our weekly sports review.
5/14/18-5/20/18 5/21/18 61.90%[6.19/10]        Comments
The Preakness winner, a hockey conference champ and a pole position winner
5/7/18-5/13/18 5/14/18 60.00%[6.00/10]        Comments
Pitching highs, pitching lows, NBA sweeps and a good coach fired badly.
4/30/18/-5/6/18 5/7/18 63.00%[6.30/10]        Comments
#3,000, a cheerleading scandal, the Knick's new coach and hockey advancement.
4/23/18-4/29/18 4/30/18 66.60%[6.66/10]        Comments
Draft highs and lows, teams get booted from the playoffs and MNF gets its man.
4/16/18-4/22/18 4/23/18 56.80%[5.68/10]        Comments
Two teams sweep, the Boston Marathon is very wet and a manager gets fired in our sports recap quiz for the 17th week of 2018.
4/9/18-4/15/18 4/16/18 45.80%[4.58/10]        Comments
Basketball series, a huge hockey score, a fired coach and a historic start.
4/2/18-4/8/18 4/9/18 62.70%[6.27/10]        Comments
Masters highs and lows, the MOP, an odd baseball win and a poorly-timed injury highlight our weekly review of all things sports.
3/26/18-4/1/18 4/1/18 58.90%[5.89/10]        Comments
Final Four notes, winning and losing in extras, an emergency goalie and more in our weekly sports roundup.
3/19/18-3/25/18 3/26/18 48.80%[4.88/10]        Comments
An outstanding tournament continues, an ace goes down, Suh is rejected and UConn gets a coach.
3/12/18-3/18/18 3/19/18 57.08%[6.85/12]        Comments
March Madness, indeed. Also: an NBA streak was stopped and a postseason hero gets a handsome reward.
3/5/18-3/11/18 3/12/18 59.40%[5.94/10]        Comments
A coach complains while several others get the axe. The field is set and the postseason is clinched.
2/26/18-3/4/18 3/5/18 52.08%[6.25/12]        Comments
Paltry-spending baseball teams, a return to ESPN, an insane basketball move and move figure into our weekly sports recap.
2/19/18-2/25/18 2/26/18 61.08%[7.33/12]        Comments
Ester makes it big, Boston makes it final, and college hoops makes problems.
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