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Every Monday brings a new edition of Overpaid Jerks, our weekly sports trivia quiz. Know which records were just recently set? Who's super-rich thanks to a new contract? Which team's mascot was just fired for pummeling a fan? Check in with us every Monday and prove you knowledge of sports news with Overpaid Jerks.

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11/25/19-12/1/19 12/2/19 54.30%[5.43/10]        Comments
From the Iron Bowl to the National Dog show, OPJ covers all the bases.
11/18/19-11/24/19 11/25/19 72.80%[7.28/10]        Comments
A pioneer's death, death threats, an ill-advised selfie and more.
11/11/19-11/17/19 11/18/19 64.92%[7.79/12]        Comments
Tua's out, PI is unchallengeable, no lead is safe and a Brown is done for quite a while.
11/4/19-11/10/19 11/11/19 48.50%[4.85/10]        Comments
College football, college basketball, an NHL laugher and post-season awards highlight our latest quiz on recent sports news.
10/28/19-11/3/19 11/3/19 58.33%[7.00/12]        Comments
World Series highlights, college football hijinx and more in our weekly check on recent sports news.
10/21/19-10/27/19 10/28/19 64.17%[7.70/12]        Comments
An NBA injury, LA vs LA, terrible turnovers and more in our weekly sports recap.
10/14/19-10/20/19 10/21/19 50.60%[5.06/10]        Comments
Perfection's end, meager offense, a silly penalty and more figure into our most recent weekly sports quiz.
10/1/19-10/6/19 10/7/19 51.08%[6.13/12]        Comments
Wild wild cards, a basketball apology and woeful Monday Night football.
9/23/19-9/29/19 9/30/19 48.67%[5.84/12]        Comments
MLB, NCAA and NFL figure into this week's sports quiz.
9/16/19-9/22/19 9/23/19 54.10%[5.41/10]        Comments
Our latest check on recent sporting news features a sidelined quarterback, Thursday Night Football and abrupt ends to press conferences.
9/9/19-9/15/19 9/16/19 57.90%[5.79/10]        Comments
MLB highs and lows, missing quarterbacks and a low for USA basketball.
9/2/19-9/8/19 9/9/19 60.50%[7.26/12]        Comments
Zeke, AB, Michigan and Team USA.
8/26/19-9/1/19 9/2/19 58.20%[5.82/10]        Comments
A no hitter, many touchdowns, negative yards and news from the hot corner.
8/19/19-8/25/19 8/26/19 61.08%[7.33/12]        Comments
Sports news rarely shocks everyone, coming with absolutely no warning. This week was such a week.
8/12/19-8/18/19 8/19/19 58.30%[5.83/10]        Comments
The Orioles? Down, way down. A rapper/NFL team-up? Odd, very odd. Here's our recap quiz for the last seven days in sports.
8/5/19-8/11/19 8/12/19 56.90%[5.69/10]        Comments
Baltimore baseball, a young star, English soccer and more in our weekly sports roundup quiz.
7/29/19-8/4/19 8/5/19 51.80%[5.18/10]        Comments
A coach's departure, a massive brawl, a rich receiver and a key trade.
7/22/19-7/28/19 7/29/19 57.20%[5.72/10]        Comments
Tour de France, Sox/Yankees, a retirement and Mark Sanchez - all in our weekly sports trivia roundup.
7/15/19-7/21/19 7/22/19 60.50%[6.05/10]        Comments
Baseball, golf and poker were all in their summer splendor in our weekly recap of recent sports news.
7/8/19-7/14/19 7/15/19 62.40%[6.24/10]        Comments
Red-Sox/Lakers, Thunder/Head and Djokovic/Federer figure intou our weekly sports recap.
7/1/19-7/7/19 7/8/19 67.50%[6.75/10]        Comments
Runners up, a whole mess of draft picks and championship eaters figure into our weekly sports quiz.
6/24/19-6/30/19 7/1/19 60.10%[6.01/10]        Comments
Free agent signings, an explosion of runs, British baseball and World Series champs.
6/17/19-6/23/19 6/24/19 56.00%[5.60/10]        Comments
A milestone pitcher, first round selections, the tall son of a tall basketball player and knock-out round soccer.
6/10/19-6/16/19 6/17/19 63.70%[6.37/10]        Comments
NBA and Stanley Cup champions, an Open winner and devastating injuries.
6/3/19-6/9/19 6/10/19 65.90%[6.59/10]        Comments
Champions, signees and a dude who is banned: test your recent sports recall with our weekly quiz.
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