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How Well Do You Know: Major League
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1. Where did Rachel Phelps want to relocate the Indians?
Tampa, FL
Honolulu, HI
Las Vegas, NV
Miami, FL
2. What team did Lou Brown manage prior to taking the Indians job?
Salt Lake City Buzz
Toledo Mudhens
Durham Bulls
New York Knights
3. When asked about managing the Indians, Lou tells Charlie he'll get back to him. Why?
He's also talking to the Yankees about their managing position.
He's retiring at the end of this season.
He's got a guy on the other line about some whitewalls.
He doesn't want to work for the ex-showgirl wife of Donald Phelps.
4. Which of the following is NOT something Harris tells "Wild Thing" that he puts on the ball?
K-Y Jelly
5. What occupation does Lynn Wells' fiancé hold?
Ball player
6. What did Vaughn do to end up in jail?
Assaulted his barber
Stole a car
Sold marijuana
7. What book did Jake not read that Lynn had asked him to?
The Scarlet Letter
The Catcher in the Rye
Moby Dick
Huckleberry Finn
8. How many wild pitches in an inning did Rick Vaughn throw, a new American League record?
9. What sport was Lynn an alternate on the 1980 Olympic team in?
Track and field: 100 meter hurdles
Swimming: 800 meter freestyle relay
Swimming: 200 meter individual medley
Gymnastics: floor exercise
10. What pitcher's photo does Vaughn have trouble seeing that leads Lou Brown to check his eyesight?
Bob Gibson
Nolan Ryan
Cy Young
Sandy Koufax
11. What happens to Harris that allows the bespectacled Wild Thing to start and complete his first game?
He gets hit in the head with a bat
He suffers a groin injury
He gets caught putting snot on the ball
Cerrano gives him a concussion for drinking Jobu's rum
12. Where does Jake say he saw Rexman's wife dancing in order to mess up his concentration?
Diamond Cabaret
Hustler Club
Capri Lounge
Rick's Cabaret
13. What is the name of Harry Doyle's radio show that centers around the Indians?
Indians Weekly
Chief Wahoo's Tribe
Wahoo Mania
Teepee Talk
14. Which of the following does Rachel Phelps NOT do to try to sabotage the team?
Trashes their gloves and bats
Makes them take a bus to away games
Cuts out the hot water in the showers
Refuses to fix the training room equipment
15. What vehicle does Jake take to follow Lynn home from an Indians game?
The bullpen car
Willie's Rolls wagon
A bus
16. What nickname does Roger Dorn have for Rick Vaughn?
Wild Thing
Four Eyes
Veg Head
17. Yankees slugger Clu Heywood, according to Harry Doyle, leads the league in most offensive categories, including what?
Body odor
Bad breath
Nose hair
Back hair
18. What does Lou Brown use to motivate the players to win enough games to win the pennant?
A nude photo of Rachel Phelps
Bonus checks out of his pocket
New Mercedes for every player if they win the division
An all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii
19. Whose wife does Rick Vaughn unknowingly sleep with?
Jake Taylor
Clu Heywood
Eddie Harris
Roger Dorn
20. What does Cerrano want to sacrifice for extra power before the one-game playoff with the Yankees?
A chicken
A goat
Roger Dorn
A sheep
21. What condition flairs up on Jake Taylor in the playoff game?
Sprained ankle
Shoulder injury
Migraine headache
Knee injury
22. Who angers Cerrano so much that he ties the playoff game by hitting a curveball for a two-run homer?
Eddie Harris
Rachel Phelps
Clu Heywood
23. Who comes to the mound for a conference before Vaughn pitches to Heywood?
Lou Brown
Jake Taylor
Willie Mays Hayes
Roger Dorn
24. How fast does Vaughn's strike three on Heywood register on the radar gun?
99 mph
100 mph
101 mph
102 mph
25. Who scores the winning run for the Indians in their one-game playoff with the Yankees?
Roger Dorn
Willie Mays Hayes
Jake Taylor
Pedro Cerrano

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