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How Well Do You Know: The Natural
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The Natural Quiz

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1. A young Roy Hobbs made his bat Wonderboy out of a tree that was split in two by lightning. What other significance did the tree have?
Roy first kissed Iris under the tree
His father fell dead underneath the tree
His mother hanged herself from the tree
Roy made lemonades with the lemons from the tree
2. Roy first gained acclaim by striking out a renowned hitter, played by Joe Don Baker and based on Babe Ruth. What was the player's nickname?
The Whammer
The Badger
3. After shooting Roy, it is suggested that Harriet Bird meets her doom:
When police gun her down
When she jumps out a window
When she steps in front of a train
By dropping a toaster into her bathtub
4. Approximately how many years passed between Roy's shooting and his being signed to the Knights?
5. In addition to managing the New York Knights, Pop Fisher:
Owns the team
Co-owns the team
Is the catcher
Coaches first base
6. Who wrote the book on which the film was based?
William Styron
Wallace Stegner
Bernard Malamud
W. Somerset Maugham
7. The contract Roy had signed to play for the Knights was worth:
8. What relation was Memo Paris to Pop Fisher?
She was his daughter
She was his goddaughter
She was his neice
She was his stepdaughter
9. The Knights' season was pivotal, because if they didn't win the pennant:
The team would be moved to Los Angeles
The entire coaching staff would be fired
Pop would forfeit his ownership in the team
The team would be dissolved due to contraction
10. What was Roy Hobb's uniform number?
11. Which was not true of Hobbs' first hit in a game in the movie?
He knocked the cover off of the ball
It won the game for the Knights
It was a home run
It coincided with a flash of lightning
12. Bump Bailey died:
From a heart attack
By being shot (presumably by Memo)
In a bar fight
When he ran through the outfield fence
13. The turnaround in the Knights' fortunes coincided with what change made to their uniforms?
Bump's number was added
The colors were changed
A lightning bolt was added
Player names were removed from the back
14. Max Mercy recognizes where he had previously seen Roy when he sees:
The scar from the bullet wound when Roy dresses in the locker room
Roy pitch to a teammate
Talking to a group of young children
Looking out a window on a train
15. At the end of their first meeting, Roy angers the Judge by:
Telling him Pop is twice the man he is
Breaking a mirror
Turning on the lights
Tearing up his new contract
16. Which of the following most closely resembles the logo on the Knights' caps?

17. Roy met the bookmaker Gus Sands, who bets Roy he can guess how much money the ballplayer had in his pocket. What amount did Gus bet?
18. Roy recognized Iris as she stood wearing a white dress during the Knights' road game in which city?
St. Louis
Kansas City
19. The game after he reunited with Iris, Hobbs achieved this feat:
Turned an unassisted triple play
Hit four home runs
Both pitched and hit
Hit for the cycle
20. At a party thrown as the Knights were on the brink of winning the pennant, Memo gave Roy a poisoned:
Glass of water
21. The Knights' season came down to a playoff game against which foe?
Philadelphia Phillies
St. Louis Cardinals
Chicago Cubs
Pittsburgh Pirates
22. In the film, Memo was not romantically involved with:
The Judge
23. In a brief flashback, Roy's father had used what activity to teach his son about discipline and control?
Fly fishing
Throwing darts
Swatting flies
24. As he was recovering from his poisoning, Roy learned:
He had cancer
The lining of his stomach had deteriorated
Stress on his hip would cause it to shatter
He had advanced liver disease
25. On the eve of the playoff, the Judge attempts to blackmail Roy with:
Threats against Pop
Threats against Iris
Photos of the scene of the crime 15 years earlier
Threats to fire everyone on the team
26. What was unusual about the room where Roy was hospitalized?
It was inside the Knights' ballpark
It was in a maternity ward
It was in the morgue
It was in the burn unit
27. During the playoff game, Roy realizes that the key player on the take is the Knights':
Starting pitcher
First baseman
28. Wonderboy was replaced by the Savoy _______
29. How many pitches did Roy face in his final at bat?
30. Roy's final home run shattered the stadium lights, creating a shower of sparks. This had been foreshadowed earlier in the film when one of Roy's blasts broke:
The kitchen window of his boyhood home
The Judge's office window
A clock
A billboard

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