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Rudy Quiz

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1. "Rudy" was, of course, just a nickname for young Mr. Ruettiger. What was his actual first name?
2. When it came to playing football, this was the main problem that plagued Rudy:
He was too small
He was too slow
He could never remember plays
He wasn't coordinated at all
3. Rudy wanted to take a bus to Notre Dame for a guided tour of campus. Who denied him the opportunity?
His football coach
His teacher
His father
The bus driver
4. Having graduated high school, Rudy works in _________ alongside his brother and father.
A car factory
A steel mill
A textile mill
A coal mine
5. Played by Lili Taylor, Rudy's girlfriend hometown girlfriend, who eventually dates one of his brothers, is named:
Mary Catherine
6. Who is killed in an accident at the mill?
Rudy's friend, Pete
Rudy's brother, Frank
Rudy's cousin, Luke
Rudy's father
7. Arriving at Notre Dame, Rudy met with a Father Cavanaugh (Robert Prosky), who suggest he attend which nearby junior college until he could get his grades up?
South Bend
St. Matthews
Holy Cross
All Souls
8. Who was the football coach when Rudy arrived at Notre Dame?
Knute Rockne
Frank Leahy
Ara Parseghian
Dan Devine
9. How did Rudy meet D-Bob (Jon Favreau)?
Rudy hit him at with his car
D-Bob was the TA in one of Rudy's classes
At a poker game
D-Bob hired Rudy to be his golf caddy
10. D-Bob agreed to tutor Rudy in exchange for:
Rudy's uniform if he ever made the football team
Teaching D-Bob how to play chess
Washing D-Bob's car every week
Help with the ladies
11. Working with Fortune, Rudy displays his extensive knowledge of Fighting Irish history, including reciting the "Win One for the Gipper" speech. Where does this take place?
On the football field
In the locker room
In the tunnel to the field
At the games to the stadium
12. Without money for rent, Rudy sneaks into the maintenance room to sleep. How did Rudy originally get into the office at night?
Through a window he left open
With a key that he made a copy of
Through an air duct
Coming up through a loosened floorboard
13. How many Notre Dame admission rejection letters does the film show Rudy receiving?
14. Finally admitted to Notre Dame, who is the first person to whom Rudy shows the letter of acceptance?
Father Cavanaugh
His father
15. This was Rudy's uniform number:
16. On the practice squad, Rudy primarily played:
On offense
On defense
On special teams
Wherever he was needed
17. Which actor was almost completely unrecognizable in a small role as something of a ne'er-do-well running back?
Luke Wilson
Vince Vaughn
Timothy Dalton
Jerry O'Connell
18. When Rudy came to return the key to the maintenance room to Fortune, what was Fortune doing?
Laying sod
Repairing a furnace
Painting the goalposts
Sweeping the stadium stairs
19. Ara Parseghian being replaced by Dan Devine was bad news for Rudy, because:
Being from the same hometown as Rudy, Devine disliked Rudy's entire family
Ara had promised Rudy he could dress for one game his final season
Devine's defensive schemes didn't mesh well with Rudy's skill sets
Devine thought Rudy being on the team was an embarrassment
20. D-Bob left Notre Dame:
To coach football at Michigan
To go to law school in Miami
To go to medical school at Harvard
To teach at Boston College
21. Fortune reveals to Rudy that he used to play football, but quit. Why?
His friend was killed during a game
He thought he wasn't played during games because he was black
Intent on starting, he refused to come in off the bench
He was afraid of injury
22. What gesture did the players make to Devine that they wanted Rudy to dress for the game?
The circulated a petition
They piled their helmets outside Devine's door
They put their uniforms on Devine's desk
They barricaded Devine from entering the locker room
23. Who is Notre Dame's opponent for the game in which Rudy finally plays?
Georgia Tech
24. Who does not watch from inside the stadium to witness Rudy's game?
His mother and father
Father Cavanaugh
25. Who starts the "Rudy" chant which eventually persuades Devine to put Rudy into the game?
The student section
The defensive coaches
One of the players
26. On the final play of the game, Rudy recorded:
An interception
A fumble recovery
A sack
A sack and fumble recovery
27. The on-screen captions at the end of the film note each of the following, except:
Since 1975, no other Notre Dame player has been carried off the field.
Rudy's father died working at the mill the week following the game.
Rudy graduated from Notre Dame in 1976.
Five of Rudy's younger brothers all received college degrees.

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