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How Well Do You Know: Tin Cup
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1. What animal is seen as the film opens?
An armadillo
A steer
A crocodile
A fly
2. At the beginning of the movie, Roy poses a question to his compadres. Molly eventually solves the riddle. What was the answer?
You don't bury survivors
The doctor was a woman
The man had been standing on a block of ice
He's at the South Pole
3. This is Molly's profession:
News reporter
Real estate agent
Movie critic
4. Roy and David Sims knew each other from going to which college together?
Texas A&M
5. David fired Roy from caddying for him in Sims's tournament. What lead to the firing?
Roy purposefully gave David bad advice
Roy broke David's clubs
Roy took a bet that he could make a golf shot
Roy cussed David out
6. The town in Texas that Roy calls home has what biblical name?
7. Romeo: "Look, boss, I only got one rule. And that's never bet money that you don't have on a _________ with an ex-girlfriend who happens to be a __________."
Card game / cop
Cock fight / DEA informant
Basketball game / member of a biker game
Dog race / stripper
8. To get his golf clubs out of hock, Roy plays a round against a meathead using several unusual implements. Which of the following was not shown as being in Roy's arsenal for the round?
Baseball bat
Pool cue
Garden rake
9. "From the moment I first saw you, I knew I was through with bar girls and strippers and motorcycle chicks...." Where does Roy first tell Molly that he is sweet on her?
In her office
At the driving range
At David's golf tournament
At the Waffle House
10. Roy tells Molly that David hates three things (later in the film, David is shown acting poorly towards all three). Which of these is not on the list?
Old people
11. Following an argument with Romeo during a qualifying round, Roy breaks virtually all of his clubs. What is he left with in his bag to finish the round?
3 iron
Sand wedge
7 iron
12. Molly: "I find him mildly attractive when he's ______ and ______ like this."
Romeo: "Oh, good. That's his best side. "
Immature / undisciplined
Irrational / unruly
Delusional / childish
Obnoxious / arrogant
13. Roy bets David that he can outhit him. David wins the bet by hitting the ball down a road. What did Roy lose in the bet?
His car
His driving range
His one remaining club
"Rights" to date Molly
14. Roy employs one of his friends to caddy for him during the final qualification round. What is the name of the large fellow, who is too out of shape to carry the bag for the entire round?
15. Prior to the Open, Roy and Molly share a romantic non-date moment:
At a drive-in movie
In the "exit room" of her office
By the banks of a small river
Watching a sunset
16. Roy's awful case of the shanks is on display at the practice green of the Open. To cure him of the shanks, Romeo prescribes all of the following, except:
Putting a tee behind his ear
Taking off his socks
Double-knotting a shoe
Turning his visor around
17. How does Roy travel to the Open?
By plane
In his car
In the Winnebago
On a Trailways bus
18. To prepare Roy on the night before the Open, Romeo recommends:
He get laid
He get drunk
He walk the course at night
He go through a bucket of practice balls wearing a bunch of nonsensical paraphernalia
19. After the first round of the Open, Molly arranges a bet whereby Roy has to shoot a ball from the clubhouse lounge, across a river and spook what type of animal?
20. Roy shoots a 62, good enough for the all-time Open record, during which round?
21. While they are making love the night after the first round of the Open, Roy introduces Molly to which golf term?
Lay up
22. During the final round, Roy has an extremely difficult shot during which he ricochets the ball off of a:
Television camera tower
Yardage marker
23. We learn that Roy got the nickname Tin Cup:
Because he was a very poor orphan in his childhood
From his time as a baseball catcher
From his time working in a junkyard
Because his father worked in a steel mill
24. How many shots did Roy take on the final hole of the Open?
25. On the final hole, Roy famously blew up and David laid up. Who actually won the US Open in the movie?
Craig Sadler
Peter Jacobsen
Ben Curtis
Raymond Floyd

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