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Seinfeld: The Mom and Pop Store 1/25/17 79.50%[15.90/20]        Comments
Tim Watley makes an appearance, and Elaine wins a contest for Mr. Pitt. Hang on to your shoes and check your arm for bite marks before you take this quiz on a Seinfeld classic.
Seinfeld: The Chaperone 12/14/16 73.33%[11.00/15]        Comments
Magic, water, fashion and sports all come into play in this Seinfeld episode.
Seinfeld: The Strongbox 7/31/14 70.17%[8.42/12]        Comments
Just call Elaine Lois Loan, as she dates a guy who is either a superhero, broke, married, or any combination thereof.
Seinfeld: The Letter 7/24/14 66.92%[8.03/12]        Comments
More Seinfeld trivia! Jerry's new girlfriend plagiarizes, while a painting of Kramer enters Seinfeld lore.
Seinfeld: The Andrea Doria 7/10/14 73.27%[10.99/15]        Comments
George competes with a survivor of the Andrea Doria for a choice apartment. Also, Newman hasn't been delivering mail, and Elaine receives an insult.
Seinfeld: The Airport 7/3/14 71.33%[8.56/12]        Comments
Jerry meets a model, George meets a convict and Elaine meets with constant frustration in this avaiation-themed episode of Seinfeld.
Seinfeld: The Hamptons 6/26/14 79.00%[11.85/15]        Comments
George's girlfriend goes topless, we learn all about shrinkage, and Elaine receives an off-handed compliment from a hot doctor.
Seinfeld: The Subway 3/20/14 78.33%[9.40/12]        Comments
In an unusual Seinfeld episode, for most of the airtime, the group is not together. Elaine is thwarted, Kramer hits a jackpot and George gets robbed.
Seinfeld: The Ticket 3/13/14 76.20%[7.62/10]        Comments
Newman hauls Kramer into court, George tries to get vomit out of suade, and Jerry tries to elude Crazy Joe Devola.
Seinfeld: The Pitch 3/6/14 72.17%[8.66/12]        Comments
Jerry is invited to pitch a show to NBC. George comes a long to completely screw stuff up....but that's nothing compared to Kramer's shenanigans.
Seinfeld: The Masseuse 2/18/14 65.17%[7.82/12]        Comments
George returns to a past girlfriend, while Jerry's new lady is insensitive to his needs. Elaine, of course, picks a fight with her beau over first names.
Seinfeld: The Stall 2/4/14 81.92%[9.83/12]        Comments
George's trip with Elaine's hot new boyfriend ends in tragedy, while Kramer challenges the very fabric of Jerry's worldview in The Stall.
Seinfeld: The Serenity Now 1/23/14 65.27%[9.79/15]        Comments
Impending manhood, a rush of emotion, and a telemarketing scheme all highlight this episode of Jerry, George, Elaine and friends.
Seinfeld: The Yada Yada 1/16/14 64.08%[7.69/12]        Comments
Cross-dating, adoption, prejudice and betrayal all figure into this riveting, classic Seinfeld episode.
Seinfeld: The Conversion 8/29/13 75.75%[9.09/12]        Comments
New religion, an odd attraction, medicine cabinet snooping and cheating on tests all come into play in the great Seinfeld episode, The Conversion.
Seinfeld: The Bizarro Jerry 7/10/13 76.45%[15.29/20]        Comments
The Seinfeld crew meets their doppelgangers, while Jerry dates a woman with an unusual physical feature. Test your knowledge of this Seinfeld classic.
Seinfeld: The Pothole 5/22/13 79.20%[11.88/15]        Comments
Jerry finds new fault with a girlfriend, Kramer attempts a degree at philanthropy, and George loses something precious in this episode of Seinfeld.
Seinfeld: The Millennium 4/18/13 63.58%[7.63/12]        Comments
A major event on the calendar, a speed-dial controversy and Elanie's quest against a business.
Seinfeld: The Parking Garage 3/27/13 72.00%[8.64/12]        Comments
Jerry and the gang descend another level deeper into the urban hell as they search in vain for their car in The Parking Garage. At least one life, not to mention vital bodily functions, are at stake.
Seinfeld: The Nap 3/20/13 68.83%[8.26/12]        Comments
George figures out how to catch some Z's courtesy of the Yankees, and Kramer figures out how to swim without getting in other people's way, in The Nap.
Seinfeld: The Susie 3/14/13 74.17%[8.90/12]        Comments
Elaine has her identity change, George dodges a breakup and Jerry deals with an unusual bookie. Test your knowledge of this great Seinfeld episode.
Seinfeld: The Burning 4/28/11 81.43%[11.40/14]        Comments
Kramer and Mickey delve into medicine and Jerry tries to untangle The Tractor Story.
Seinfeld: The Wizard 4/20/11 83.75%[10.05/12]        Comments
Kramer retires and moves to Florida, Jerry surprises his father with a gift and Elaine may or may not be in an interracial relationship.
Seinfeld: The Bookstore 4/14/11 76.67%[9.20/12]        Comments
George is saddled with an unwanted book, Uncle Leo is a criminal and Elaine takes on an ill-advised relationship.
Seinfeld: The Cartoon 4/7/11 68.42%[8.21/12]        Comments
You may be mixed up in a perverse sexual amalgam of some girl and best friend, but do you know Seinfeld: The Cartoon?
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