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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Pothole
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1. What does Jerry think is "an annoying little product: 'I can do this! I can do that!'" and thinks should just shut up?
Baking soda
Soda water
2. Who brushes his/her teeth with a just-knocked-into-the-toilet toothbrush?
Jerry's girlfriend Jenna
3. Steinbrenner has given George and the office staff keychains commemorating this Yankee great being inducted into the Hall of Fame:
Yogi Berra
Whitey Ford
Phil Rizzuto
Reggie Jackson
4. Kramer decides to adopt a mile of a highway after he runs over this item on the highway, and drags for five exits
Fireplace poker
Sewing machine
5. Elaine tries to order some delivery from China Panda, but runs into a problem because:
They keep running out of ingredients
She lives on the wrong side of the street
She lives in the wrong Borough
They can't understand English
6. Kramer has adopted mile 114 of this highway:
The Brooklyn Queens Expressway
Arthur Burkhardt Expressway
West Side Highway
Van Wyck Expressway
7. George has dropped his keys in a pothole, so we hear this catchphrase after a car drives over it:
How about that!
Now I've seen everything!
Good golly, Miss Molly!
Holy cow!
8. What has Kramer done with large items (cinder blocks, shopping carts) that he has found on his adopted mile?
Just rolled them into the woods
Dumped them in the next mile
Loaded them into Newman's truck
Made street art with them
9. When was Jerry planning on telling Jenna about the toothbrush mishap?
Two weeks after they had broken up
Obviously never
Once he had sterilized her mouth with fire
On his deathbed
10. Kramer's brings the concept of first class to his highway by:
Serving road-side beverages
Charging a premium toll
Banning all cars with New Jersey license plates
Widening the lanes
11. Meanwhile, so she can take delivery of China Panda food, Elaine has taken up residence in a/n:
Janitor's closet
Boiler room
12. What of Jerry's has Jenna put into the toilet?
His toothbrush
The tips of his shoelaces
Toilet brush
13. Toward the end of the episode, Jerry asks Jenna if she wants to go out to eat. Why?
He threw out all his food
He threw out all his dishes
He has sold his apartment
He doesn't want to be in his apartment when he dumps her
14. Who is showered with toilet water as a result of George digging up the pothole?
15. The episode ends with this type of vehicle being engulfed in flames:
Police car
Mail truck
School bus

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