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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Burning
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1. Elaine is worried to discover Puddy's religious tendencies. This is her first clue:
He has a new "Jesus Hearts Me" bumper sticker
He has a bible in his car glove compartment
He has a bible in his night stand
The radio in his car is set to a Christian rock station
2. Elaine prefers Puddy being ___________ to him being religious.
Dumb and lazy
Unreliable and thoughtless
3. Jerry has a new girlfriend, Sophie. Sophie annoys Jerry when she initiates a phone call with:
"It's me"
"Guess who?"
A British-style "'ello, gov'nor"
"Go for Sophie!"
4. Mickey and Kramer act out diseases for medical students. Mickey draws this, which he refers to as "the Hamlet of diseases."
Infectious mononucleosis
5. Kramer isn't as lucky - he is assigned this venereal disease:
Herpes simplex 2
6. What did Elaine pry off Puddy's car?
A Jesus fish
A "Jesus Is Just All Right With Me" bumper sticker
A crucifix
His radio antenna
7. George goes off on an odd rant in which he assails "hip musicians with their:"
Be-boppin' and scattin'
Complicated shoes
Groovy hairstyles
Disease-ridden groupies
8. Gonorrhea turns out to be a theatrical goldmine for Kramer. He spins a tale for the med students in which he meets a:
Coquettish haberdasher
Bosomy barmaid
Lustful dressmaker
Desirous chambermaid
9. When Jerry tries the "It's me" on the phone with Sophie, Sophie thinks she's talking to a guy named:
10. Puddy isn't concerned that Elaine isn't religious, because:
Jesus will be cool with her
He's not the one going to hell
He's sure she will recant on her deathbed
He doesn't think she's ever done anything wrong
11. Sophie has a mysterious "tractor story." George surmises that she had an accident on a tractor, and as a result has:
Only one nipple
Toes for thumbs
Below-standard hearing
A cadaver's hip
12. Kramer is again assigned Gonorrhea, and believes he's being typecast. He ends up stealing this disease, originally assigned to Mickey:
Tourette Syndrome
Amoria phlebitis
13. In as much as Elaine is hell-bound and he is not, Puddy wants Elaine to:
Swear at the building's super
Take a drug test for him
Punch a delivery guy in the neck
Steal a newspaper
14. "David, I'm going to hell! The worst place in the world! With devils and those caves and the ragged clothing! And ______! My God, _________!"
The wailing of lost souls
The brimstone
The torment
The heat

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