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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Serenity Now
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1. Frank Costanza, to Estelle in the car: If you want the leg room, say you want the leg room! Don't blame...
Your son
The driver
The mechanism
2. George learns that Frank learned about the "Serenity Now!" mindset from:
Various cult leaders that visit him door-to-door
A relaxation cassette
People magazine
Lloyd Braun
3. Jerry's girlfriend Patty notices that Jerry won't get mad. Take, for example, the night he thought he had tickets to the Knicks, but Patty instead made plans for them to go to a __________ restaurant:
4. "Now shut that door and get the hell out of here!" Who is the first person Jerry tries to get mad at?
5. George asks Kramer to come help him fix something at his father's. What needs fixing?
A stereo
An air conditioner
A screen door
The TV remote control
6. What has Frank been endeavoring to sell for two months?
Magazine subscriptions
Home gym equipment
7. Elaine has bought this as a gift for Mr. Lippman's son's bar mitzvah:
A Boggle game
A nose hair trimmer
A shower radio
A set of shot glasses
8. Mr. Lippman's son greets Elaine with:
A grope on the butt
A tongue kiss
An invitation to go outside for a quickie
9. Elaine's follow-up visit to the Lippmans' results in:
Lippman firing Elaine
Her returning Adam's affections
Adam renouncing his religion
Lippman's kitchen catching on fire
10. Frank: You're late again, Costanza, so listen up. Starting tonight, we're having a little sales contest. The loser gets fired, the winner gets a:
Set of earrings
Christmas cactus
11. Kramer's transformation of his part of the hall into Anytown, USA is complete with each of the following, except:
A wind chime
An American flag
A pink flamingo
A grill
12. Crying because he broke up with Patty, Jerry moans, "This is horrible - I":
Have become a well of emotion
Feel remorse
Am just like a real boy
13. Uh-oh, with their first salvo in the neighborhood war against old man Kramer, the kids down the hall have ____________ Kramer's screen door:
Shaving creamed
Tore down
14. Who explains to Elaine the concept of "shiksappeal"?
Mr. Lippman
Mr. Lippman's rabbi
15. Lloyd Braun warns George about adopting Frank's mindset, saying: "Serenity now,...."
Psychiatry soon
Madness forever
Insanity later
Rage tomorrow

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