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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Bookstore
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you can't have a question that doesn't just involve Seinfeld, but also a movie. I know the episode well, but I should not have to get marked wrong just because I have not seen the movie. Ass.
straylightrun151 9/7/11 7:19 pm


1. As the opening credits play, Jerry steps out for the day and leaves Kramer alone in his apartment. We see Kramer doing each of the following in Jerry's place, except for:
Riding a bike
Hooking up a hose to the sink
Holding an auction
Disassembling a phone
2. Having taken a book into the bathroom inside a bookstore, George is forced to buy it. In what store does this take place?
Barnes and Noble's
3. And what is the subject of the book?
Military history
Baseball photography
Asian travel
French impressionist paintings
4. At an office party, Elaine makes the ill-advised decision to get amorous with one of her co-workers. "We made out at the table like:"
He was going off to war
Our plane was going down
The Four Horsemen were riding in
I was the last American virgin
5. We find out that Elaine, George and a waitress at Monk's each hold this position in their relative places of employment:
6. Kramer and Newman have an idea for a homeless-powered rickshaw business. Where did the get the rickshaw?
Newman knew someone in the Hong Kong post office
Kramer found it under the Triborough bridge
Bob Sacamano stole it from Chinatown
Ping, the Chinese food delivery boy, sold it to Newman for $50
7. Jerry realizes that Uncle Leo has a shoplifting problem. When he tells the security guard in the bookstore about this, the guard issues this command to his comrades:
8. George almost succeeds in selling the befouled book to:
Uncle Leo
9. Elaine convinces her co-workers that Zach, her make-out buddy, is actually her boyfriend. Peterman: "Who among us hasn't snuck into the break room to nibble on a:"
Love Oreo
Love Newton
Love Biscuit
Love Biscotti
10. Jerry has nightmares about an incarcerated Uncle Leo. The nightmares recall what classic noir film?
Cape Fear
The Thin Man
The Public Enemy
The Maltese Falcon
11. George tries unsuccessfully to donate the book to a thrift store. The woman behind the counter has a name that's a homophone of which actress?
Cate Blanchett
Winona Ryder
Rebecca De Mornay
Jessica Lange
12. Elaine's fake boyfriend goes through real withdrawal, but at least she get the idea for this product from it:
Detox poncho
Detox tarp
Detox galoshes
Detox umbrella

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