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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Ticket
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1. At issue during the episode is Kramer's mental state after being kicked in the head by Crazy Joe Devola. When he first enters Jerry's apartment, he's only shaved one side of his face and:
Has only rinsed one half of his hair
Is wearing his shirt backwards and inside out
Is walking in his sleep
Has only one leg in his pants
2. Also, during several points of the episode, Kramer uncontrollably blurts out the name:
Julia Roberts
Yo Yo Ma
Picabo Street
Boutros Boutros-Ghali
3. George has the dry cleaning bill from Susan's thrown-up-upon vest. Who ends up paying for it?
No one. George, insulted, sends the bill back to Susan
George does
Jerry does
George, Jerry and Kramer all pitch in
4. Jerry and George go back to NBC for further talks about the pilot. Before and after, George rates their prospects in comparison to this network star:
Bill Cosby
Corbin Bernsen
Ted Danson
Michael J. Fox
5. Jerry meets Uncle Leo on the street, right after Jerry has discarded this item into a trash can (Leo retrieves it:
A watch
An eclair
An astronaut pen
A Pez dispenser
6. Newman brings Kramer along as he contests his ticket. They concoct a story, which Kramer is ultimately unable to remember, about Kramer being suicidal as his dreams of becoming a/n _________ are dashed:
7. George, during the NBC meeting: The story is the foundation of all entertainment. You must have a good story otherwise it's just ______________.
A waste of electricity
Uncontrolled ego
Be-boppin' and scattin'
8. The NBC execs ask to see a copy of La Cocina, George's off-Broadway play. George says he no longer has the manuscript, as:
It burned in a fire
He lost it while moving
He donated it to charity
He lost it during a freak wind storm
9. George is insulted when he learns that the total NBC offers for the pilot being written is:
10. Jerry is trapped in Monk's when he thinks Joe Devola is outside. His strategy for exiting safely is to:
Wait until Kramer arrives, hoping the K-man will draw him off
Wait until Monk's closes
Wait until a cop leaves
Call in a bomb threat

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