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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Letter
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1. As the episode opens, Jerry wonders in his monologue about the effectiveness of security guards working in:
Grocery stores
Men's stores
Art galleries
2. Kramer is sitting for a painting done by Jerry's girlfriend Nina. Kramer offers:
To paint Nina while he is blindfolded
To take his clothes off
To name all the capitals of Europe before she finishes
To buy the painting himself
3. Nina asks Kramer about Jerry and Elaine. Kramer compares them to:
Romeo and Juliet
Abe Lincoln and Mary Todd
Bonnie and Clyde Mankowicz
Oil and water and more oil
4. When Nina asks George if he is an art lover, George states that he is an art:
5. Nina has tickets to the Yankees game, as her father is the team's:
Assistant to the Traveling Secretary
6. Elaine wears a cap to the Yankees game. The cap is for this MLB team:
Blue Jays
Red Sox
7. Elaine is advised to take off cap by this person....she refuses, and is soon ejected:
Nina's father
Wade Boggs
An usher
8. Elaine tries desperately to keep Mr. Lippman from learning about the ballpark incident from:
The sports section
A sports update on the news
Lippman's nephew
Lippman's secretary
9. George purchases - by accident, sort of - a painting of Nina's for this amount:
10. Jerry tries to explain to Nina the appeal of this aspect of western life:
The saloon
The cattle drive
The posse
The spurs
11. Nina and Jerry break up, but a letter from Nina makes Jerry relent...until he recognizes the letter as being lifted from a play by this guy:
Neil Simon
Noel Coward
Tennessee Williams
Edward Albee
12. Nina's painting of Kramer is eventually purchased by:
An ex girlfriend of Kramer's, who lights in on fire in an alleyway
Mr. Lippman, who hangs it across the hall from Elaine's office
An older couple who invites Kramer to dinner
Bob Sacamano, Jr., as a gift for Bob Sacamano, Sr.

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