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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Stall
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1. Elaine has no toilet paper. Jane, in the stall next to her: No, I don't have a square to __________, I can't ________ a square.
2. Meanwhile, Elaine and Tony and Jane and Jerry are all on dates with each other (though the two couples aren't in each other's presence) at:
An opera
A movie
A circus
A carnival
3. Jerry picks up the phone and hears Kramer talking to the phone sex lady: then we'll get a cab and we'll do it in the back seat.. how's that __________? What name does she call Kramer?
4. About Tony: "He's a.. he's a male bimbo, he's a mimbo!" Who brands Elaine's pretty new boyfriend Tony with this term?
5. Tony: So I said huh.. "hey dude, you better ___________" George is rapt by Tony's hip kiss-off line. What is it?
Step off
Go do yourself
Get bent
Talk to the hand
6. George can't quite match Tony's adrenaline-fueled lifestyle. He suggests he and Tony go:
Roller skating
People watching
To the arcade
7. George, amazed by Tony's way with waitresses: You should hear the way he talks to waitresses...He gets ________!
Free pie
Smacked a lot
Dates in the bathroom
40% off
8. Rock climbing.....did not go so well. George was supposed to tie off the rope that would have prevented Tony from falling, but instead was messing around with:
His camera
9. Worlds are colliding. So that Jane won't talk to Elaine when the two are about to meet in Jerry's apartment, Jerry:
Tickles Jane
Challenges Jane to a mime-off
Shuts Jane in his closet
Stuffs gum in Jane's mouth
10. When Kramer theorizes that Jane is the phone sex worker, he challenges Jerry: Or am I so sane that you just ___________?
Broke your own brain
Blew your mind
Shattered your preconceptions
Warped through time and space
11. With Elaine distraught over how Tony's accident might affect his appearance, Jerry suggests she's afraid Tony might end up looking like:
Max Headroom
Jimmy Carter
Clint Howard
Zippy the Pinhead
12. When Jerry accuses Jane of selling sexual pleasure over the phone, she retorts that she sells this:
Paper goods
Yankees season tickets
Dentistry equipment

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