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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Wizard
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1. Jerry buys his dad a Wizard. He paid _______ for it, but tells his dad it cost _______.
$500 / $40
$150 / $25
$300 / $60
$200 / $50
2. Who is the first person to suggest to Elaine that her new boyfriend Darryl is black?
Darryl himself
3. Morty Seinfeld believes that the sole function of the Wizard is to:
Calculate tips
Schedule his day
Tell the time
Act as an alarm clock
4. Why does Kramer announce his retirement?
His rich uncle died and left his money
His settlement against Calvin Klein came through
His coffee table book has been optioned for a movie
Jackie Childs paid him to never hire him again
5. Who lets the Rosses in on the fact that George does not in fact have a house in the Hamptons?
6. What is the name of the condo newsletter (Morty: "pinko commie rag!")
Boca Bystander
Boca Breeze
Boca Byline
Boca Babble
7. Morty has Kramer run for condo president. According to Jerry, they're running against:
Common sense and a guy in a wheelchair
Good taste and someone who cheats at shuffleboard
The laws of probability and some liver-spotted geezer
Reality and an original signer of the Constitution
8. George takes great offense that Jerry has asked Elaine to get his mail while he's out of town, so Jerry asks George to:
Trim the flue
Inspect the caulking
Check of excess amperage
Exercise the gaskets
9. Kramer promises Morty that Jerry can supply the condo board with Wizards, so Jerry and Kramer turn to the father of this of Kramer's friends:
Len Nicodemo
Corky Ramirez
Bob Sacamano
10. As George drives the Rosses out to his non-existent Hamptons house, he tells them about his horses, named:
Snoopy and Prickly Pete
Sky Captain and Danger Dog
Barbie and Kenneth
Garfield and Yosemite Sam
11. Upon realizing that they're not an interracial couple, but rather just a couple of white people, Elaine and Darryl head off to:
The Gap
FAO Schwartz
Mailboxes Etc.
12. Kramer's bid for condo president collapses when the condo board realizes they've been bamboozled. Instead of Wizards, Kramer distributed knock-off:

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