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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Pitch
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1. As the episode opens, George wonders aloud what they did for this modern convenience during the Civil War:
Toilet paper
Dental floss
2. Come on, how hard is that? Look at all the junk that's on TV. You want an idea? Here's an idea. You coach ______ team in high school. And you're married. And your son's not interested in _______ and you're pushing him into ________. Exploring the idea of a show with Jerry, George suggests a program around a coach of:
3. Meanwhile, Kramer has another suggestion: Oh come on Jerry, you're wrong. People they want to watch ____________. This is a "can't miss."
Little people
Traffic accidents
Women getting their skirts blown up
4. Kramer makes a trade with Newman. A very important trade, as it turns out. Newman will give Kramer his motorcycle helmet. Kramer will hand over his:
Radar detector
Scientific calculator
Year's worth of People magazines
Money clip
5. Except for one brief scene, Elaine is absent for the episode. That is because he is in Europe, accompanied by:
A rabbi's son
Her psychiatrist
Her mother and father
Her boss
6. The "show about nothing" concept is borne from a conversation Jerry and George have about this foodstuff:
Ice cream
7. To push the "show about nothing" concept further, George suggests an episode about this event, which in itself was the basis of a Seinfeld episode:
Trying to meet up at a movie theater
Waiting for a table in the Chinese restaurant
Getting lost in a parking garage
Taking on a butler as the result of a law suit
8. Jerry unintentionally sics Crazy Joe Devola onto Kramer, because:
Kramer hasn't paid back money Joe lent him
Kramer broke up with Joe's sister
Kramer insulted Joe behind his back
Kramer didn't invite Joe to a party
9. In a meeting with the NBC executives, George blows his chance to impress Russell Dalrymple when he:
Spills coffee on Russell's shirt
Can't spell Russell's last name correctly
Can't get the zipper on Russell's jacket unzipped
Flirts with Susan
10. George goes on a rant with the execs, with this phrase seemingly dooming Jerry's pitch:
Creative license
Cinema verite
Artistic integrity
Cognitive disassociation
11. Just when it appears that George might have scored an in with Susan, Kramer vomits on her after consuming old:
Chinese food
Macaroni and cheese
Cole slaw
12. At the end of the episode, Kramer gets kicked by Crazy Joe Devola in the __________, and warns Jerry that Joe is coming after him next.

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