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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Bizarro Jerry
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1. The episode opens with Jerry posing a hypothetical to George: George is kidnapped by aliens.....would he rather be put in the aliens' circus or zoo? George chooses zoo. Why?
He'd be better fed at the zoo
Higher probability of escape from the zoo
It would let him set his own schedule
He's tired of getting peanuts chucked at him
2. George shows Jerry and Kramer the best _______ in midtown:
Coffee shop
3. Elaine is meeting with Kevin at the Bizarro Coffee Shop, which is called:
4. Kramer is unwittingly launched into his business career as he is pulled into meeting while demonstrating how to fix a:
Water cooler
Rotary phone
Staple gun
Copy machine
5. Kevin takes Elaine to a museum of:
Comic books
Hot chocolate
Antique cars
6. Jerry dates a beautiful woman named Gillian in this episode. Gillian is inscribed into Seinfeld lore because of her unusual physical feature: "She had _________ hands."
7. Kramer brings Jerry up to speed on his arrival in the workplace, telling Jerry: "I don't know if you've notice but lately I've been:"
Wasting a lot of time here in your apartment
Drifting aimlessly
Not realizing my full potential
Completely without anything to do
8. Kramer tells Jerry his responsibility at his new firm Brandt/Leland is:
Kicking ass and/or taking names
Breaking the glass ceiling
Automation, innovation and extrapolation
9. So, what is in Kramer's briefcase?
A pillow
Army men
Pixie sticks
10. Elaine, telling Jerry that she's defecting to Kevin's group: "I can't spend the rest of my life coming into this stinking apartment every ten minutes to pore over _________ of every single daily event."
every single result
every mind-numbing facet
the excruciating minutia
the tedious detail
11. By showing a woman a photo of Gillian, George is whisked away to a nightclub full of gorgeous models...a nightclub that he really thought was a:
Lumber yard
Driving school
Dockworkers' union office
Meat-packing plant
12. Jerry makes a wish (which doesn't come true) on a/n:
Falling star
13. Jerry is somewhat repulsed during dinner when Gillian manhandles this foodstuff:
14. Jerry states that dating Gillian is like dating:
The Iron Sheik
Andre the Giant
Bruno Sammartino
George "The Animal" Steele
15. George breaks up with the model who showed him the forbidden city while he goes for a look inspired by:
Jon Lovitz
Dennis Franz
Danny DeVito
Homer Simpson
16. What destroys George's photo of Gillian, his key into the forbidden city?
A dog
A paper shredder
A hair dryer
17. Jerry prepared (well, ordered in) dinner for Kramer, who ruined things by working late. What was the meal to have been?
Chinese food
Spaghetti and meatballs
18. Old Man Leland, as he's giving Kramer the boot: "It's almost as if you have no _________ at all."
Formal education
Business training
Professional acumen
Common sense
19. What is the name of Bizarro Newman?
20. Eating olives and shoving Kevin gets Elaine shunned from the group, which is too bad, because Feldman scores tickets to:
Mamma Mia!
The Yankees game
Fashion Week
The Bolshoi

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