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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Nap
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1. At Monk's George is exhausted. He was up the night before watching this movie trilogy.
Star Wars
The Godfather
The Omen
The Mighty Ducks
2. It's The Omen. Who at the table thought Damien was merely a "mischievous, rambunctious kid" and not a possible Antichrist?
3. Elaine's got a date with Hal Kitsmiller. They planned a _____ date, which Jerry says he likes because "you don't have to look right at the person."
Baseball Game
4. Hal has a custom mattress. Where did he buy it?
Back in Business
The Spine Shop
Good Vertibrations
The Lumbar Yard
5. At work sitting at his desk, George attempts sleeping behind this thick book.
National League Directory
American League Directory
Baseball Players and Coaches of 1995
New York Yankees History
6. Kramer needs a new place to swim after the pool's 10 a.m. aqua-size program made him feel like he was "swimming through a flabby-armed spanking machine." Where does Kramer begin swimming?
Bronx River
East River
Powell Cove
Eastchester Bay
7. Hal delivers a Lumbar Yard mattress to Elaine. This offends her because she thinks it's a hasty attempt by Hal to try to sleep with her. Elaine says Kramer can take it. Kramer reveals the bed he's sleeping on now is filled with _____.
8. Kramer sleeps in Elaine's Lumbar Yard mattress. Now it smells like the East River. Hal notices the mattress' funky smell. Elaine lies and attributes the smell to what?
She went to the beach and slept in her bathing suit
She went deep sea diving and didn't towel off properly
Her cousin, a fisherman, slept in her bed
She went clamming and forgot to hose off her boots
9. George begins catching naps under his work desk. One day George Steinbrenner walks in while George is under the desk. He wants to know the title of this Pat Benatar song.
Fire and Ice
All Fired Up
Hell is for Children
10. Frantic, George calls Jerry and pleads that he call-in a bomb threat to Yankee Stadium so that George Steinbrenner will leave his office. Now a terrorist, what's Jerry's demand?
That the Yankees wear cotton uniforms
That the Yankees hire Randy Johnson as their new ace
That on hat day, Yankees fans get fitted hats like the players wear
That the Yankees leave the American League for the National League
11. Jerry gets his kitchen remodeled. _____: "What is this? It's like you're selling movie tickets back here." Jerry: "It's kind of cozy."
12. Before a robot destroys his desk, George successfully wakes from a nap under his desk. He stows away this magazine into a secret compartment and heads to lunch.
Sports Illustrated

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