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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Strongbox
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1. George tells his girlfriend Maura that he wants to break up. Her response?
She cries
She pretends not to hear him
2. Jerry states that breaking up is not consensual - it's not like:
Riding a tandem bike
Turning keys in submarine
Ice dancing
Running a two-legged race
3. Maura has this odd habit in restaurants:
She sings the menu
She always sends the desserts back
She talks to her food
She speaks Spanish to the waiter
4. Jerry has this type of memorabilia that he'll use to strike up a conversation when he meets Jerry Lewis:
A money clip
A lunchbox
A bow tie
5. Kramer lists his "irreplaceables" that he will keep in his strongbox - which of the following is not among them?
Military discharge paperwork
His Tony
His un-chewed gum collection
6. The first place that Kramer tries to hide the key to the strongbox in Jerry's apartment is:
In the silverware drawer
On top of the television
In Jerry's sock drawer
In Jerry's sneaker
7. Next, Kramer hides the key:
In a can of coffee
In Jerry's microwave
Taped to the outside of Jerry's window
In the buzzer
8. Elaine has a theory about his secretive guy she is seeing:
He is a superhero
He is married
He is gay
He lives out of state
9. With the buzzer broken, Jerry refuses to let in a man who claims he lives in the building. He does, in fact, and lives:
In the apartment directly below Jerry
Next door to Jerry
Next door to Kramer
In the apartment directly above Jerry
10. Trying to force a breakup with Maura, George dates a very, very tan woman, who is also:
A secretary at George's work
George's cousin
Elaine's old roommate
A waitress at Monk's
11. Glenn takes Elaine to very cheap place for a date:
A soup kitchen
An adult bookstore
An alley behind a restaurant
12. A beloved pet bird dies as a result of the strongbox foolishness. What was the name of the bird?

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