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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Susie
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1. Elaine gets called "Susie" by her coworker, Peggy. Jerry says Elaine looks more like a what?
2. George Steinbrenner is hosting a party at Tavern at the Green for the Yankees organization. George is excited because he'll get to make a "grand entrance" by having the girl he's seeing, Allison, twirl about in a backless dress. What's the party called?
Pinstripe Ball
Baseball Bash
Yankee Shuffle
Live from New York
3. Later, Allison wants to have "a talk" with George while they're in his apartment. Recognizing the break up signal, George later tells Jerry that he told her he _____, left the apartment and then never came back.
Forgot to pick up a paper
Was out of batteries for the remote control
Was out of soda
Needed to buy an alarm clock
4. Where did George sleep that night?
At his parents' house
At Kramer's
At Newman's
At work
5. Mike Moffat, a dude Jerry called "a phony" a few seasons ago, appears. He's a bookie now. Kramer lays down $____ of Jerry's money. If the Knicks win their next game by 35 or more, Jerry gets $_____.
10; 100
25; 250
50; 500
100; 1,000
6. At the game, which the Knicks win by 37, Kramer gets in a fight with _____. Kramer says he ran out on the court and threw a hot dog at him.
Hakeem Olajuwon
Toni Kukoc
Shaquille O'Neal
Reggie Miller
7. Mike doesn't have Jerry's winnings. Independently, but as we'll soon see relatedly, Jerry can't get the trunk of his car to close. Mike offers to help fix it when Jerry accidentally smashes (and breaks) Mike's _____ with the trunk.
8. Who said it? "Are you kidding me? It's all water near a bridge."
9. Elaine goes to tell Peggy that her name is Elaine, not Susie. However, her coworker calls Elaine _____, which sets Elaine off.
10. Jerry tells Elaine she has to "eliminate" Susie. Mike, trapped in Jerry's trunk, doesn't know Susie isn't real and is understandably frightened. Jerry even punctuates his point with a hysterical laugh. In the front seat, what's he laughing at?
A bumper sticker
A pedestrian
A street vendor's business name
A pez dispenser
11. To "eliminate" Susie from the office, Elaine tells Peterman that Susie _____.
Took a job at another company
Was on maternity leave
Was on bereavement leave
Took her own life
12. At Susie's funeral, Elaine jumps to the podium and offers to say some words. How does she begin her remarks?
"Susie and I were a lot alike..."
"There aren't a whole lot of people in this city quite like Susie..."
"What can you say about a girl like Susie..."
"Susie's work at the company was much of the time unseen..."

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