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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Cartoon
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1. The annoying Kathy Griffin plays the annoying Sally Weaver. How does Jerry know Sally?
They used to date
She was Susan's college roommate
She's Elaine's cousin
She's the daughter of Estelle Costanza's friend
2. Elaine is puzzled about a New Yorker cartoon, which shows these two animals in office:
A bird and a mouse
A penguin and a lion
A elephant and a hippo
A dog and a cat
3. About to embark on his self-prescribed vow of silence, Kramer estimates that this percentage of communication is non-verbal:
4. Confronted by Elaine about the cartoon, the New Yorker editor uses this term, which isn't really a word:
5. The editor perks up when Elaine off-handledly mentions this scenario for a cartoon:
Alligators piloting an airplane
Bears at a cocktail party
Bald eagles drinking coffee
Sharks at a stockholder meeting
6. Sally not only refers to Jerry as this during her one-woman show, she incorporates the term into the show's title:
A sniveling child
The devil
A terrorist
7. Elaine is going to write cartoons for the New Yorker, but Jerry notes that she can't draw. Which of the following is not one of the examples Jerry cites as the limit of her artistic ability?
Sunflower with a smiley face
A stick-figure marching band
A transparent cube
8. Elaine produces a cartoon in which a pig is at a complaint department. It's not funny. What punchline does Kramer propose?
My place is a sty
I have a bad case of Gonorrhea
I smell like you-know-what
My wife is a slut
9. J. Peterman initially laughs at Elaine's cartoon until he realizes that it's a rip-off of what established title?
The Wizard of Id
Frank and Ernest
10. Elaine confesses that she subconsciously appropriated the idea for the cartoon from:
Sally's show
Puddy's bedsheets
A drive-time radio show
The Macy's parade
11. Desperate to distract himself from the fact that Janet, his girlfriend, looks a *lot* like Jerry, George decides that their relationship will be about this (which only leads to further Jerrification of Janet):
The Yankees
Chicken salad
12. Having gotten Kramer to break his vow of silence, Sally uses this term to coax more material for her show out of Kramer:
String bean
Soda pop
Sad sack
Grumpy pants

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