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Paranormal Activity 4 10/17/13 78.68%[19.67/25]        Comments
A video game console offers a new perspective on the benevolent spirit that wanders through the house in Paranormal Activity 4.
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted 7/31/13 78.52%[19.63/25]        Comments
Take a bunch of zoo animals. Have them join a circus on a trans-continental flight. Set a wicked antagonist on their trail. Voila! Madagascar 3!
Before Sunset 7/9/13 77.24%[19.31/25]        Comments
Those crazy kids Jess and Celine are at it again in one of the more unexpected sequels you'll get. Yes, there is still a lot of talking in this one. A lot of talkikng.
Karate Kid, Part II, The: 5/29/13 77.44%[19.36/25]        Comments
Before Hilary Swank and Jaden Smith took the franchise in strange new directions, The Karate Kid, Part II featured Ralph Macchio reprising his role as Daniel LaRusso under the tutelage of Pat Morita's Mr. Miyagi.
Back to the Future II 1/9/13 81.40%[24.42/30]        Comments
Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Thomas F. Wilson reprise their roles in this successful, entertaining sequel to the 80s hallmark time-travel comedy.
Saw 3D 10/25/12 82.40%[24.72/30]        Comments
The Pendulum Trap, The Rack Trap, The Hair Trap, The Junkyard Trap, and, of course, The Reverse Bear Trap...The Jigsaw Killer is up to more maniacal, gory fun in the seventh installment of the Saw franchise.
Prometheus 10/10/12 84.87%[25.46/30]        Comments
Returning to the franchise which he launched, and which in turn marked his as a prominent director, Ridley Scott directed 2012's Prometheus, a sort-of prequel to Alien. The merits of this highly-anticipated film were hotly debated throughout the summer.
Paranormal Activity 3 8/29/12 80.08%[20.02/25]        Comments
We see the doomed sisters Kristi and Katie in their childhood. Guess what? Strange paranormal happenings plagued their younger years as well.
Jackass: Number Two 8/15/12 70.00%[17.50/25]        Comments
In 2002, Johnny Knoxville's MTV project Jackass made it to the big screen. Then, for a long time, nothing of significance happened. Finally, a sequel came along.
Rush Hour 3 5/31/12 67.52%[16.88/25]        Comments
Carter and Lee are back for one more time to complete the Rush Hour trilogy - this time they are mismatched because Lee is old and Carter is fat...
American Pie 2 3/21/12 87.16%[21.79/25]        Comments
You may know the first name of Stiffler's mom, but how well do you know American Pie 2?
Rocky V 3/18/12 74.96%[18.74/25]        Comments
Rocky takes on a hungry young fighter named Tommy Gunn and deals with the dirty side of boxing in this fifth movie in the series.
Rush Hour 2 3/15/12 74.16%[18.54/25]        Comments
The Rush Hour movies have something for everybody - Jackie Chan’s martial arts skills and stuntwork, Chris Tucker’s trademark humour...
Rocky IV 3/14/12 77.12%[19.28/25]        Comments
It's East versus West during the height of the Cold War. How Well Do You Know Rocky IV?
Rocky II 2/25/12 74.08%[18.52/25]        Comments
All the main cast members returned to reprise their roles in a story about a club boxer who shocked everyone and went the distance with the world heavyweight champion.
Fast Five 12/4/11 77.63%[23.29/30]        Comments
Dom, Brian and Mia are on the run, but that doesn't mean they don't have time to take down a local crime boss. They'll have to get the old gang back together.
Scream 4 10/25/11 83.76%[20.94/25]        Comments
In Wes Craven's fourth installment of the Scream franchise, an adult Sidney seems to live up to her Angel of Death moniker and a new generation pay the price for her return.
Paranormal Activity 2 10/18/11 75.80%[22.74/30]        Comments
Camera footage once again catch doors swinging open and spooky noises as a doomed family suffer through a haunting.
Austin Powers in Goldmember 3/10/11 71.30%[21.39/30]        Comments
When you have a super-spy father, catching Dr Evil and being knighted isn’t enough to resolve your overwhelming daddy issues.
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 2/15/11 71.80%[21.54/30]        Comments
In the spirit of the Austin Powers movies, this quiz will recycle as many questions as possible from the last Austin Powers quiz.
Toy Story 3 12/1/10 78.57%[23.57/30]        Comments
Andy is off to college, and the toys find themselves in a less than hospitable environment. Their survival skills and companionship are tested as they constantly find themselves in harm's way.
Saw II 10/26/10 77.32%[19.33/25]        Comments
The sequel to the surprise horror hit saw a new group of potential victims trying to survive Jigsaw's grisly, pseudo-moralistic tests.
Mission: Impossible III 6/23/10 69.53%[20.86/30]        Comments
Mission: Impossible III established J.J. Abrams as a bankable film director and allowed Philip Seymour Hoffman to be a surprisingly convincing badass.
Godfather, Part III, The: 5/30/10 75.80%[18.95/25]        Comments
The Godfather saga concludes with Michael’s quest for redemption and Francis Ford Coppola’s quest to avoid bankruptcy.
Godfather, Part II (Second Part), The: 3/10/10 83.08%[20.77/25]        Comments
Michael and Vito are threatened by an older generation of criminals, but only one of them feels satisfied by their eventual triumph.
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