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How Well Do You Know: Rocky V
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1. Rocky V opens in the showers after an amazing victory over Ivan Drago, but Rocky calls for Adrian because something is wrong. What is it?
He can't see anything
He can't feel his legs
He can't hear anything
He can't stop his hands from shaking
By way of explanation.....
Funny, despite Drago's superhuman punching power, Rocky doesn't look nearly as swollen as when he was Apollo's punching bag.
2. At Rocky's first press conference back in the States, flamboyant boxing promoter George Washington Duke pushes Rocky to agree to fight next in:
3. George Washington Duke's favorite catchphrase, heard multiple times in the movie is:
Only in America
Power to the people
If you ain't winning, you're losing
There's no business like showbusiness
By way of explanation.....
The phrase and personality are modeled on real life promoter Don King.
4. Which talent does Rocky's son demonstrate to his father in this movie?
Playing the clarinet
Speaking Italian
By way of explanation.....
Rocky finds a drawing of his son's well-endowed French teacher during a bedtime talk
5. What is Rocky and Adrian's son's name?
By way of explanation.....
In the hospital in Rocky II, the Balboas choose to name him after his father.
6. Adrian gets very upset with Paulie, again. What did he do this time?
Sold Mick's gym to a developer
Gave power of attorney to their crooked accountant
Corrupted their son with some very bad advice
Signed Rocky to a fight without consulting them
By way of explanation.....
Paulie gets an earful for handling the paperwork but Adrian never yells at Rocky for signing it.
7. Thanks to their accountant it turns out that Rocky hasn't paid federal income tax in _____ years.
By way of explanation.....
Surprise - they also have a mortgage of over $400,000 on the house.
8. Rocky's doctors diagnose him with cavum septum pellucidum, which basically means:
he has damage to his brain
he has damage to his eyes
he has a broken nose
he needs seven stitches for his wound
By way of explanation.....
Based on what I learned in the 80's, he could have a piece of his broken nose jammed up there causing brain damage.
9. In a flashback, Mickey gives Rocky this cherished gift:
the deed and the key to his boxing gym
the first quarter Mickey ever earned as a boxer
a cufflink that belonged to Rocky Marciano
a letter written by Jack Dempsey
10. Back in his old neighborhood, Rocky takes up this old bad habit:
11. A young fighter named Tommy Gunn meets Rocky on the street. Where is Tommy from?
12. Who does Tommy say was the first person he ever knocked out?
his father
his manager
his first boxing opponent
his high school gym teacher
13. Rocky tries to pass on a number of lessons he learned from Mickey to Tommy, including this boxing technique:
Bob and weave
Stick and move
Slip the jab
Pop the uppercut
14. Robert is beaten up and robbed by some school kids. What do they take from him?
his hightops
his watch
his coat
his dad's pendant
15. Robert is increasingly frustrated with his father for all but one of these reasons:
Agreeing to fight the new champion
Giving his bedroom to Tommy
Not teaching him how to defend himself
Not listening to his accomplishments
16. What sign of rebellion does Robert show as he increasingly feels left out of his family?
He dyes his hair
He wears an earring
He breakdances with gangs in the park
He mouths off to teachers
17. Which of these is not among the ways in which Duke pulls Tommy away from Rocky?
A car
An apartment
A title fight
By way of explanation.....
Tommy's kind of like a low rent Bud Fox.
18. George Washington Duke's nickname for Tommy is Machine Gunn, but the press refers to Tommy by this nickname:
Misfire Mayhem
The Lone Gunnman
Tommy Two Time
The Clone Ranger
By way of explanation.....
The press repeatedly paints Tommy in Rocky's shadow, and the public doesn't care for him much either.
19. Tommy gets a title fight against the new champion. What's his name?
Sugar Williams
Union Cane
Broadway Dallas
Razor Robbins
By way of explanation.....
Cane was played by Michael Williams, a real-life boxer as well.
20. How does Tommy's title fight end?
Tommy wins by KO in Round 1
Cane wins by KO in Round 2
Tommy wins by decision in Round 12
Cane wins by TKO in Round 12
By way of explanation.....
It's over so fast that the crowd boos him out of the ring.
21. What distinction does this title fight give to Tommy?
It was the fastest knockout in history
He's the youngest champion in history
He's the first fighter to unify all title belts
It was the most watched boxing match in history
By way of explanation.....
Mike Tyson set the record at age 20 in 1986.
22. Insulted by the press and goaded by Duke, Tommy challenges Rocky to a fight to prove who's best, which Rocky declines, until this happens:
Tommy insults Adrian
Tommy pushes Robert
Tommy punches Paulie
Duke sues Rocky for breach of contract
By way of explanation.....
For all his mooching and whining for a job, this could actually turn out to be Paulie's biggest payday.
23. Rocky's knocked down an almost out. What motivates him to get up for "one more round"?
A memory of Apollo
Robert's look of disappointment
Adrian telling him to fight
A memory of Mickey
By way of explanation.....
"Get up, you son of a bitch! Because Mickey loves you."
24. Who sang "The Measure of a Man" over the movie's closing credits?
Whitney Houston
Neil Diamond
Elton John
25. Sometimes winning just comes down to timing. Which blockbuster was released on the same weekend as Rocky V, putting Rocky V into second place?
Die Hard 2
Dances With Wolves
Home Alone
Pretty Woman
By way of explanation.....
Previously, Rocky III had also been defeated by Star Trek 2, but Rocky V turned out to be the lowest grossing movie of the series.

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